2-12-2021- 8:42am

I couldn’t sleep at all while the threat of bills, lack of work, dissolve of my 501c3 and an appointment with a very shitty staffing agency loomed in my mind through the night and early morning.

Luckily Dan Narans needed a ride to work at 6am on a count of a frozen battery.

We had some good chuckles on the way to Fish hatch from South Middleton. The good old days of Madison back when being an absolute freak meant something other than a status symbol or special pleading crutch, when local businesses actually meant something to the community, when being in collage actually involved getting an education and when people in general had a sense of dignity.

He told me that Amazon was now dispatching deliveries with automated curious on and around state street and the campus.

FINALLY, I can start distributing RF/CELL/WI-Fi jammer specs to the homeless population so they can start earning some well deserved online purchases and robot parts.

On my way back home I passed the MPD vehicle service depot at Johnson and 1st as they were loading up the homeless onto a school bus from their overnight on cots in the depot auditorium. Likely being sent out to the northport community center or the libraries as the day shelter.

There were dozens of them being loaded to one bus.

These people definitely deserve to be making some money from fencing packages and drone parts.

*The combination of Radio (RF), Wi-FI, cell and GPS tracking systems employed on delivery drone systems can all be shut down with a simple device made from $120 in parts from radio shack, ebay orders or amazon purchases.

HERE are the all-to-easy instructions on how:

Simply have the jammer on and on your person whilst you are within 3 to 6 yards of the drone, stand in the drone’s way while it stalls from lack of connectivity and have a friend drop a large thick and dark blanket over the drone.

Roll the drone into the blanket, remove the drone from the street to the back seat or trunk of your car and take home to dismantle and market parts and spoils at your leisure.

On the radio NPR was broadcasting some anecdotes about “the return to normal” as it pertains to the dating world.

Before I left for Dan’s I was reading an update on the permafrost situation.

This is not new news, we’ve known since before 2013 that large areas of permafrost in typically arctic areas have begin to melt and release giant pockets of methane and carbon dioxide.

The effect of course being an amount of co2 released into our atmosphere that will ensure an unstoppable wild cat thermal increase planet wide in under five years time.

Jordan Peterson NEVER said this.(pic)

Neither did Steph McGovern.

There are a lot of things you can fault Jordan Peterson for.

He definitely DID NOT formulate a personality test that is in any way beneficial or comprehensive to actual psycho analysis in any practical way.

His overly generalized and uneducated ravings about socialism and communism are no different than when your grand parents refer to every game console system or video game company as “Nintendo”.

He gets giggly in the creepiest way possible when trying to one-up people in conversation weather he is actually “one-upping” them or not.

But the fact remains that the man has NEVER said anything homophobic, trans phobic, misogynistic, anti-feminist or hateful.

It is bad enough when the rednecks post memes with fake news and meaningless anecdotes.

Can we please get the hippies to not do the same?

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