A week watching America become “not-America” and more of Andrew Yang’s Idiocracy

When you really want the truth and NPR is to bland for your intake, there is always Electoral-vote.

Up front, it is a US election tracking system running on an HTML base site with a news and a healthy letter exchange stream from the true and now thrashing middle of America that is being held hostage by partisanship and inaction.

To date I’ve found it is the most balanced and precise source of news on politics in general in the US.

Electoral-Vote also links a very well published and sourced newsletter, Political Wire by Tegan Goddard.

The Electoral-Vote article below covers the current impeachment situation.

Since the Senate voted to dismiss evidence and witnesses, America has fractured in a way not experienced since the Kansas-Nebraska Act passage of 1854, the very event that formed the Republican party (in protest of the act in Ripon Wisconsin) and laid the path for the US to divide and enter a civil war. Democrats of the late 1800’s wanted to retain slavery, racial purity and set a standard of income classes between all US citizens that would have turned the US into a corporate senatorial dictatorship. The Republican party was formed and revolted against this trend to establish that America was a union where all are free if they choose it.

In the aftermath, the two parties switched their stances on domestic and foreign policy greatly. Somewhat due to the control of the parties by those with money and how they preferred to spend it. The process was not very precise though, which is why you now see very poor rural Republicans waiving Confederate flags.

It is also why we see Democrats supporting people like Hillary Clinton and Andrew Yang, despite their die hard neo-conservative ideologies.

Now, it is BOTH the Republican and Democratic parties that find themselves on the slab of public disapproval.

The very same week that the US senate decided that laws and evidence no longer mattered, the DNC (Democratic National Convention, Democratic party) decided that if you have enough money, the process of democracy in selecting candidates no longer applies to you.

This is just four years after DNC administrators railroaded Bernie Sanders in order to sway favor to Hillary Clinton as their candidate, thus handing the election to Trump and lowering Democratic voter turn out substantially.

Democrats have matched Republican political corruption with election fraud and partisan pandering among their own candidates.

Which, again forces the American people to choose between one party that is unilateral in their systems and control, yet profoundly evil in their intentions (RNC) or a party that is so liberal in it’s administration that it refuses to act when required, allows rampant internal corruption and maintains a 60/40 split between good intentions and absolute f*** ups (DNC).

The best indicator for just how far gone America is, would be Andrew Yang.

America is done being America and Andrew yang has a new delusion to sell you.

Yang is a summation of terrible neo-conservative ideology and the worst fringe aspects of pseudo-liberal thinking masked as a progressive ideology.

I still can not see clearly, if he is intentionally manipulating the DNC and his followers to buy into this warped reality he has built or if he is simply far to stupid to understand just how evil and self destructive his proposals are.

I did a tear down of a debacle he had back in October during a debate.

In the debate, Yang and Warren sparred over what Yang calls ‘The fourth Industrial Revolution”, which is his assertion that Automation is the true and only cause of so many losses in the workforce.

He then dedicated a New York times oped about it.

He also included an AP fact check page on it, even though the fact check did not actually substantiate his point in any way.

The AP article lists anecdotal suggestions based on financial forceasts that never directly site automation but rather ‘production’ as a general value.

Financial projections come from economists who treat actual labor statistics the same way businesses treat advertisers. They know they are the essential component for the commodity and demand in it but to identify this means you are not trusting in your product alone to explain it’s value.

Businesses need advertisers the same way products need workers creating them.

Yang’s assertions fail to factor the number of jobs lost to other countries time and time again. The population of workers is simply moving to a cheaper area and cheaper DOES NOT mean automated, it means underpaid sweat shops in third world countries.


Those 300,000+ jobs Yang speaks of in the video and his New York times rant, went directly to India, Mexico, China and the middle east and NO ONE living in those countries will be better for it because of the wage gap when you ship a job overseas.


The economy he is modeling in his head is a total delusion based on consumerism being a growth constant and transcending to other countries. As though America’s insane rate of consumption can A, be sustained on it’s own and B, become grafted through out the world without widening income gaps.

The only new idea Yang has had is that he is spinning the Neo-conservative narrative in a new way:

In Yang’s mind, the workers and consumers are the bad guys, not corporations.

Since we now allow uninsured carriers to provide transportation services (Uber & Lyft) and Amazon runs a large and zero accountability stream of products direct to buyers, you cant regulate products or services anymore for ethics or a sustainable economy.

So just let people buy crap and new specially targeted taxes (that Yang knows will never pass) are the answer.

We should all trust in the power of singular corporations to make and effect laws, not the people. Then offer $1000 a month to each American (in exchange for option out of all entitlements including your retirement) so your employer can lower your wage to compensate while they make a bang up additional tax break from it.

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