Abominations and Engineered tragedies

Today Grimes may or may not have announced that Elon musk got her pregnant.

If true, this would result in the dumbest fetus this side of the century.
You can not mix two people this stupid in a gene pool.

Even for how dumb Claire Boucher (grimes) is, HOW do you lower yourself to the level of actually letting Elon Musk impregnate you?

His voice is so unrelentingly abrasive and annoying….
Much like her singing.

Donald Trump almost started a war, then after a very suspiciously safe rocket attack in “retaliation” by Iran, he delivered a gushing report that peace had been reached and the matter more or less was closed.

Who ever staged this puppet show did a worse job than the demolitions team that worked on WTC 7 for the 9/11 debacle.

We have created a world where we live within illusions which make it plausible for us to accept how ugly and stupid we have become.

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