After 45 years, I will no longer be watching Saturday Night Live.

It was bad enough when SNL writers and comics were shilling for Uber since the company has openly reported that their drivers were raping more female passengers than any other commercial transportation service since the invention of the motor vehicle (due to fake background checks).

To say nothing for Uber and other gig/app based service companies recently buying legislation in California to make indentured slavery LEGAL again.

NOW you have the king robber baron of pandemic denial, trump apologist, misogyny, RACISM, and snake oil peddling Elon Musk, hosting snl on May 8th…..

I AM DONE, Saturday Night Live died on May 8th 2021.

AND TO HAVE Miley Cyrus as just the musical guest on that s*** bag’s hosting?!! That is like putting a turd on a cheese cake.

Miley Cyrus should be hosting AND performing.

We gave SNL a pass over the Andrew dice clay hosting issue which lost us Nora Dunn.

We gave SNL a pass over Trump hosting.

We gave SNL a pass when they shilled for companies that are STILL out profiting from sexual assault and slave labor.

Musk is a higher level of evil than all of this though.

It isn’t some innocent joke or a few bad acts of racism and sexism here and there. He doesn’t just buy laws and sell lies. He is killing the planet doing it and suppressing far more eco friendly and advanced technologies while he buys his way into popularity and more bottomless blind investment capital.

At this rate SNL will have Tucker Carlson or Ann Culter hosting in another few months.

I grew up on SNL.

The show’s first episode was just one month before I was born.

In an absolutely horrible childhood of abuse and poverty, it was one of the few things I shared with my troubled family that was ever a fond memory.

In a very troubled marriage, it was one of the few fond memories, I shared with my ex wife who i still love and adore but we just do not work as a married couple.

Eddie Murphy and Phil Hartman were like my stand-in father figures to make up for the s***y one I had been dealt in the real world.

The show itself has (until recently) maintained a pretty clear line of morality in the message of human understanding, diversity and a celebration of what is truly funny.

Laughing at the best and worst in us all by carefully maintaining morality in the message without being to partisan or one sided in political dogma or commercial shilling.

The Uber shilling was a pretty hard back sliding of that but for the most part, it passed and didn’t effect the over all stature of the show.

Elon Musk hosting SNL however is an absolute dumpster fire that no one with an IQ above 40 can just accept as rational, remotely cute or funny.

It is dead serious and it is absolutely lacking in any sort of humor, wit or social commentary other than to say that SNL is just absolutely out of touch with it’s audience and the state of the world today.

My review of the Musk episode itself.

I did not watch the actual broadcast but I Had to at least check out the monologue and one “skit”, as Musk has been calling them (sketch actually) from youtube snips.

It was brilliantly manipulative and deflective, like so much else about Musk.

In act one of his monologue he Rolls out martyrdom over having “aspergers” with a lot of poking fun at himself for “dumb tweets”.

***** NOTE, Aspergers IS NOT a valid spectrum classification. I should know, I’m on the spectrum, in the same classification which is PROPERLY termed High Functioning ASD or HFASD and the classification was upgraded in the ICD-11 in 2019 to phase out the term ‘Aspergers’ as it was created as an insulting and uneducated descriptive ‘syndrome’ name named for Hans Asperger A FORMER NAZI DOCTOR who sent CHILDREN to be tortured and euthanized in Nazi experimentation clinics.
Musk uses the term Aspergers like all latent diagnosed HSASDs use it, because it sounds “cool” and they invest no time or interest in actually understanding or being educated on the subject and the reality of ASD misconceptions which are rude and cruel. Not surprising from a guy who profits from sexism, racism, wage slavery and earth rape. *****

“What dumb tweets?”, you may ask.

NO, not the tweets where he followed Trump on denying the pandemic.

NO, not the transphobic meme he tweeted.NO, not the tweets brushing off his slave labor ethics.

NO, not the tweets where he lied about a train system that would revolutionize the world which has since cost tax payers and civic infrastructure development billions in wasted funds ever since.

NO, not the tweets about being on Trump’s business council.

Not even the tweets exposing his racist employment practices.

It was the: “69 days after 4/20 again haha” tweet.

Someone actually said or at least thought, “nailed it” on that bit of deflective interlude in it’s conception.

The rest was more of the same and then a moment with good ol’ “Nothing happening here in South Africa during apartheid but our bank account getting bigger” Maye Musk, his mother.

The audience was definitely being held hostage. I remember other times on SNL when the laughs were obviously as a result of the ‘applause’ prompter rather than genuine interest but never with an additional malaise over the majority of the audience response when ever it did seem genuine.

During the initial camera sweep and run up to the stage before Musk’s entry, a lot of dead pan audience members were just sitting and starring. Most noteworthy was a blond woman in the very front row corner of the right to camera seating block from the center isle who wasn’t clapping with an annoyed foot shake and her head cocked to one side.

I suspect some of the more enlightened among production snuck in some people who Musk had wronged in the past to deliver some well earned shade from the crowd. Likely a female or non white former employee that Tesla or Boring CO steam rolled or dumped in a toxic environment of harassment.

The Sketch featuring Musk as the main character in the Old west was little more than a commercial for Musk’s Snake-Oil-Splaining, con artistry, crypto ponzi shilling and tech failures as though they might still be viable forms of technology and advancement.

The audience was not very motivated beyond a few mild chuckles.

I did appreciate the end of it where the writers made a point of working in the focus of the main character actually being the most uninvolved person in the scene and capping it off with a post narration that it was the most uninvolved character that history would remember most from the entire exchange.

Every single other Gen X or adult with an IQ above 40 was nodding and smiling along with me.

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