Andrew Yang, the Alt-Right’s prize Democrat.

A new video shared by some Yang supporters among my facebook friends has me wondering if someone has been putting a lot of fluoride in the water.

What is most unsurprising about Yang is how the corporations he wants to tax for UBI, Libertarians and neo-conservatives have flocked to his ideas and support them.

This is because, quite simply, Andrew Yang’s ideas would construct the perfect Corporatocracy that the Alt-right and neo-conservatives have always dreamed of.

Dumb Ideas and the Dumb asses who support them

UBI (AKA the freedom dividend)

Not only is the system not what yang supporters think it is but both they and Yang fail to realize just how bad an idea it is and how utterly deadly it would be to even attempt to establish such a system.

Yang has modeled it to be paid for by an exclusive tax applied to fortune 500 companies in certain tech brackets. (UBI explained direct from Yang’s own website)

These companies of course adore the idea because it would grant them the biggest bail outs for corporations since the 2008 recession, only on consistent cash payments from tax rebates and lowering wages and benefits, each and every year.
That is of course IF the legislation even had a remote chance of passing House and Senate to re-organize the IRS without being shot down by the largest judicial oversight in taxation law ever.

IF UBI even could become legal, it’s effects would be the exact opposite of the narrative Yang sells.

In order to be on UBI, the plan would force you out of ALL OTHER ENTITLEMENTS. You would have no more welfare, food stamp, medicare or unemployment rights while on UBI and very likely for one or more tax cycles if you ever happened to leave the program.

Employers would drop kick wages and benefits for employees on day one accounting for the $1000 extra those employees now have and they would still be getting a huge tax write off if their companies happened to be the ones paying in to UBI.

Retailers would also account for the extra income of customers and an inflation spike would drive everything from common products to luxury ones into a lofty new realm of inflation.

Very quickly, the income gap we have now would evolve into a divide between income those who would now depend on a stamped standard poverty income and those who can escape the effects of UBI by making enough to not need it. Everyone else will be swallowed up by the new poverty class it will create.

With the immense tax returns companies like Amazon will enjoy, they will build income targeted housing for the masses. Accounting for that $1000 a month that they can divide into living, eating and transportation costs while they manipulate the new poverty class into an efficient indentured labor system packed into their own controlled housing.

Yang argues that the extra free money will prompt people to spend more on companies like Amazon which will make more and hire more people as a result.
Sure, why not, ‘Trickle down; economics hasn’t worked for the GOP in over 70 years. I’m sure it will be entirely different just because a Democrat is trying it.

There is no multiplying effect when you aren’t even creating a new economy but rather clamping down an existing one to increase it’s entropy while handing more money to those in power and crossing your fingers that everyone will live well from it.

Not to mention that the purchasing and savings wisdom of the average American citizen is bar-none, among THE WORST in the developed world. Americans do dumber things with their money than the average citizens in some third world countries.

The $100 annual political donations fund.

This is a new one for me that I had not known of until watching the video and it is even dumber and more potentially destructive than UBI. This is an annual fund that would give each citizen $100 in political spending for lobbying AND/OR candidates of their choosing.
The obvious issues with such a plan are staggering in how far reaching the destruction would be. Political influence would become a hardened commercialized enterprise where the largest corporations would band together even stronger, despite not even being affiliated, just to get their brand of politics pushed through while matching ten to one, each dollar mustered from the government political influence dividend voting citizens would get. Again, the corporate welfare they would be getting from UBI would allow them an infinite pool of money to distribute and control in this realm while American citizens attempt to post their $100 annual dollars to contend with it, which in turn will be lobbied for WITH LEGAL COMMERCIAL INCENTIVES by corporations buying out even more public influence in politics.

The very fabric of social justice would die by the hands of the people in trade for corporate control of government.

If Andrew Yang isn’t working directly for Donald Trump or some neo-conservative lobby, then he has to be one of the dumbest human beings alive. Very possibly BOTH are true.

THIS IS WHY so many Republicans, corporations and Libertarians say they like yang.
Because he wants to enact the most evil crap the alt-right wants for our economy and he is selling it to liberals as a “new idea”.

MORE Dumb ideas

Andrew yang likes to think of himself as a week end physicist. Unfortunately he did not pay attention in grade School science.

A recent article about some of Yang’s ideas on how to stop climate change seem to be ripped from the Elon Musk handbook of tech bullshit artistry.

Giant Mirrors in space to reflect the suns’s rays.

So after forty years when one of the giant space mirrors (of 10 to 20 needed) is finally built and the earth is already experiencing a wild cat warming effect planet wide, for maybe a month about 5% of the sun’s rays will be deflected, until the solar effect pushes the giant space mirror out of it’s orbit. That is if it even survives numerous micro meteors ripping it apart before then.

Science has already proven a far more effective system.

Water is an atmosphere just like air because it is not solid and reacts the same as air in a planetary environment. The only differences are density and diffusion based on mass and molecular composition.

Much like the reservoir covers a system of floating a large series of balloons or light clouds of particles at high altitudes would reflect the sun’s rays and preserve more natural surface temperatures without blowing trillions of dollars and waiting until decades AFTER the problem has become to hot to handle trying to launch countless construction projects into space.

Creating more Icebergs and Glaciers.

Again, this is another example of too much for too little. Making more ice does not address the temperature issue and does far less than simply correcting the temperature in the upper atmosphere where the sun’s rays can be deflected at far less cost and with far greater effect on global warming.

These are perfect examples of the idiocracy in Yang’s thinking.

Either he KNOWS how dumb these ideas are and is selling them to Liberals as a plan to get liberals to support insane Alt-right ideology or he actually thinks that these are good ideas that will turn our economy and political system into some kind of liberal utopia.

If either is true then Andrew Yang is either far to stupid to be in politics or far to evil.

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