Atlas Hugged, too

This title stems from a lost political science thesis I had written (Atlas Hugged and a play on too/two) in early adulthood but became lost after my web server crashed some years ago due to a hack. The title is in no way an homage to Ayan Rand, that was a crazy person and her ravings are pure trash.

I would like to thank Uncle Hank Laake for getting my brain working this morning after such a terrible week of confusion, the ill effects of insomnia and being laid off, first due to a lack of new contracts at my workplace and now due to new clients scared to death of being around the working class as we may all be infected with COVID-19 whilst renovating their lavish estates.

My Uncle Hank Married my paternal aunt Sue La Plante in America’s dream state of the pillowy boomer years. They were good people, with good plans and made a fine family of three children and a big house in Iowa.

Uncle hank was musician and he lead a pretty ripping Christian Rock band (the Hank Laake Band) in the 1980s.
Doug Henning , Much?
umm, ok, the title?…

Like all dreams, things eventually met with reality. The band wasn’t doing as well as he had wanted, nor the family or the house. In a long letter to all concerned across the La Plante clan, Hank dropped a shocker that he was leaving it all from utter disappointment and anguish. A lot of parents felt this way in the 80’s. The strip mall yogurt shops and pop culture were not producing a rich enough experience or grounding to reality. There was no innovation and people were desperately trying to come up with something new. It has been that way ever since.

It was when I heard Hank’s letter that I first experienced the true distinction between the boomers and their parents, America’s “greatest Generation”.

The greatest generation did what they did despite everything because they felt the dream was big enough and justified by the great war of their parents (WW1) and the great war of their own (WW2).

The men were unstoppable forces within their careers and their homes.

A single day island hopping in the pacific or storming the beaches of France gave the greatest generation the ultimate sense of entitlement and purpose in establishing the American dream as it gained substance in the late 40s and 50s.

But the boomers became conflicted and disillusioned.

The ravings of Ayan Rand and William F. Buckley Jr resonated with the new political ruling class and eventually Ronald Regan became the greatest generation’s greatest representative of the American dream, now an absolute nightmare of government over spending, lavish living, corporate welfare, banking cartels, oil cartels, war profiteering and theocratic idolatry.

The madness of it all was crushing to many boomers who had grown up reeling from social inequalities that the greatest generation’s dream had only promoted and established new and more horrific vices from.

In adulthood they would either conform as best they could to the dream or fight it as best they could.

Most played it safe and their children, my generation (gen X), grew up more confused and apathetic than ever.

Our children (millennials), even more so apathetic but now with a new sense of entitlement just as vapid and self destructive as that of the greatest generation’s and to a more similar degree, their parents, the millennials of the 20th century.

After Hank left his family, he went through a turbulent time that I digress, I have little knowledge of. He was in more bands, lived other places and eventually ended up in Israel to rejoin his own family in the homeland.

He makes pretty touching videos doing acoustic covers and delivers wise and heartfelt advice on the state of Israel and their own Trump clone Benjamin Netanyahu, known to many locals as “King Bibi”.

Hank shared a very well written article from common dreams with me this morning.

This article by Chris Hedges is A horrible yet brilliant and spot on description of our current reality and the absolute reality of our future here in the US.

President Donald Trump is the trigger for a new era of horror and political figures who will clone directly from his malice.

It eventually establishes that we the people, more than ever, must take power away from the entire system. From Republicans who established and maintain the madness and from Democrats who coddle it with kid gloves to ensure their own job security.

Our civilization is repeating a bi-centennial cycle. From Civil war Veterans, to flappers, to the greatest generation, to boomers, to gen x, to millennials, there is a perfect repetition that goes back centuries.

A generation dispels the malice of the ending century, that generation is ignored for their efforts by their children in the dawn of the new century who want to have fun and explore vices as apposed to new ideas or reconstruction.

Then that generation hits a brick wall and is forced to reconstruct, the next generation tries to build a new dream, that dream becomes the commanding ideal for the rest of the century and history is re-written, that generation’s children grow up in confusion and apathy, their children more so and then another greatest generation is forged on the slab of failure, war and re-purpose that follows. 200 years wasted and ultimately repeated again.

The Common Dreams entire article, like so many other cries for logic and reason in this day and age, ultimately lacks any offering of SOLUTION given the terms of our current system and social order.

It lacks the solution to the issue of our continued self entrapment in this never ending cycle of forgetting who we are, what we could be and opting for mediocrity instead.

A solution and it’s uphill battle

We need a rational alternative against the entire current system. One that represents the people, encourages growth and sustains Democracy.

Donald Trump represents a Corporatocracy Which turns capitalism into a socialist trade exclusive to the smallest margin of people while all others serve to grow hollow capital that they will never hold stake in or benefit from but eventually pay for when the costs and fall-outs rein in (the great depression/1973 oil crisis/1987 crash/2008 crash/COVID-19).

This is the system the later 20th century Republican party dreamed from the manic ravings of sociopath futurists and political science revisionists such as Ayn Rand and William F. Buckley Jr.

We will not get to Medicare for all, end energy cartels, escape big bank oligarchy, reform snake oil trade centers or find a way from big pharma control of distribution and pricing as it is regulated and allowed by law to be corrupt and sustain itself as long as we remain willing consumers of the system.

Democrats like Nanci Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Clintons and Joe Biden represent a status quo to keep safe and compliant in order to stay in politics and retain their own job security.

Bernie sanders represents a knee jerk reaction from the few boomers still left who give a damn to fix the issues of this on going cycle but arrive too late and too old to convince the masses.

The young and brave simply do not exist. There are no true heroes or visionaries among gen X and the millennials because they never really believed in anything true.

Because truth is not fast or easy enough to digest.

Truth is just too hard to live with because too many of our parents and grandparents never believed in it and never taught it.

That is not to say none of them did, just far to few.

So, do we give up or consign this next cycle to another generation and hope that they will break the mold?

Do we hope that the next “greatest generation” will want truth instead of a new fiction and more mediocrity?

If we truly want a better world, we can not afford to.

We need to do the work and practice truth NOW, no matter how hard it is. Anything else is just another revolution of the same system we have trapped ourselves in.

Turn away, own our reality, grow up and make it a working government

Boomers, Gen x and Millennials must turn their backs entirely on the current system and treat it as Boomers should have treated it in the 1960s, 70s and 80’s. It has been far to corrupt and broken for far to long while masking itself a the great experiment of Democracy.

We MUST leave leave behind, the systems that have attached themselves to it and use the tools given to us in the constitution to rebuild America.

For to long we have attached facets of old political trappings to Democracy instead of treating it as the method of personal and public liberty that it should be.

Republicans have annexed socialism as a method of corporate welfare and unilateral tyranny while Democrats have used it as a means to over extend talking points and in-fighting rather than honoring the inherent American diversity they have come to represent.

Alternative parties such as the libertarians and Green party have become little more than super pacs and lap dog propaganda machines that serve the two party system in their most fanatic rhetorics.

Trite and non-requiter political devices are argued at the state and national legislative process while the executive branch dances over the coals of the destruction to infrastructure and purpose.

Meanwhile the judicial branch is now so close to being dissolved entirely from any effective role in the process that there will soon be no aspect of government left to protect the constitution or it’s purpose by and for the people, if it remains at all.

We can not use the system as it is to better itself or ourselves and we can not fire bomb it in yet another revolution that would more than likely rekindle yet another era of mediocrity and revisionist history.

We certainly can not remain complacent to simply slip into a continuation of the status quo.

The system is not our own yet we promote it and compel it as our own by serving and remaining it’s patrons.

By remaining slaves to our own ignorant compulsion.

We must own these truths to be self evident that all men, women and children are now self-governed and governed by a perpetuating servitude to a system of government, criminal justice, government expenditure and civil ignorance that has enslaved the United states of America.

The way out is to turn our backs to it entirely and create new systems of capitalism, infrastructure and civil logistics that do not depend on or are subservient to the malignant status quo.

Each person and each group of people have their own right to ownership and their own capital gains of liberty so long as those practices do not encroach the liberty and ability of others or the infrastructure they share.

We are all capable and have a right to life, liberty and the persuit of happiness.

ALL people have value outside of their value by those in power to consume or be worked to death for nothing.

There is nothing written that constitutionally mandates that this must be expressed through or by any political oligarchy, corporate political structure or complicated stalling of any process by stagnant and cronyism party systems, no matter how well intended or seemingly diversely representative they are of the American people.

A good start

A good start considering the current situation with COVID-19 would be to revolutionize the healthcare system as independent public co-ops.

It is academic that very soon big pharma will come up with a COVID-19 vaccine that will be just as useless as the Influenza or HPV vaccines, yet marketed forcefully and at great profit to drug companies.

The pandemic will calm and settle into a continued progression of cases still being found but tapering off as common sense and normal preventative measures prevail but the lasting impression will be that the health care system, though broken, costly and having contributed more to the problem than preventing it or educating the public is the best and only option we have, over common sense.

People and groups of people can own and operate hospitals and this has been tried repeatedly in efforts to escape the HMO system. Madison’s Group Health Cooperative is one example that nearly prevailed but then fell back into an elite system of big pharma servitude that cost the public more than it was a benefit.

These issues of corruption and self sabotage in public interests have effected labor unions, welfare institutions and even public media establishments.

The most notable failures which I have had close experience with being Madison’s once great WYOU public television, which was shredded and sold off piece by piece by a corporate administration take over and Kentucky’s Public television, known as KET which is essentially now a subsidiary of Humana’s HMO lobby after special interest funding bought out the institution.

What is required in order to properly maintain new systems to escape the old and broken is to maintain a better public interest oversight.

A new generation of leaders, made of young and old, must be willing to serve the public and the constitution at no personal gain to themselves or any partners and with absolute obedience to a credo that liberty can not come at cost to the liberty of others or the general public. They must also enact concrete term limits on all elected seats from local to national and eliminate electoral systems to honor the majority vote.

The best example of this in practice would be faith based legislation and gun laws.

The personal belief systems of people as they pertain to faith or not having faith both contain dogma that can and will negatively effect the liberties of others when allowed to violate the very first constitutional amendment just as the rights granted by the second can also be contorted and disregarded to the same effect by arguing dogma and meaningless semantics.

This is why legislation and activism on Gun rights, Reproductive rights and faith based initiatives can and will ALWAYS side line the most important issues of liberty, rights and government while accomplishing absolutely nothing for either side of the issues.

This is why the two parties far to often use these issues against the American people.

It is any group or individual that tells you the opposition is your enemy, when pertaining to these kinds of arguments who are the true enemy of ALL Americans.

Because they KNOW these issues have no bearing but they continue to manipulate fear, hatred and meaningless semantics regardless.

They do this because they know that despite these issues having no bearing they will win them support and votes by manipulating that fear and hatred in everyone.

If the law of man is the true law then no god can obstruct it when all are allowed the right to not follow or believe in god.

If the law of god is the true law then no man can obstruct or mandate FOR god’s law when all are allowed the right to their own version of god and god’s law.

This extends to imprisonment, execution and reproductive rights as they are from state to state.

Absolute abolishment (the right to abort or the right to condemn the guilty) can not be honored in any aspect of these without significant limitation of liberty for ALL and the condemnation of constitutional rights.

If the second amendment mandates regulation of gun ownership AS IT DOES, then regulation can not be obstructed.

If the ownership of a gun is a right OR a privilege, that right or privilege can not be obstructed by the absolute removal of that right or privilege.

Absolute abolishment (the right to deny ownership or the right to regulate ownership fairly) can not be honored in any aspect of these without significant limitation of liberty for ALL and the condemnation of constitutional rights.

These are the kind of hard truths that BOTH sides of these issues WILL have to live with in sacrifice for their own liberty and that of others.

This principal extends to all aspects of bureaucracy and can only be represented fairly by a legislation that has no right to profit or gain for themselves or any affiliated party in the process of representing the people.

Abortion right, right to life, execution, anti-execution and gun lobby represent immense expenditures in our legislative process that both sides of our political spectrum take advantage of while KNOWINGLY accomplishing nothing for those lobbys.

It is not the people who should sacrifice a right to profit for the purpose of liberty, it is those in government.

Communism and Socialism got it wrong when applied to the people in aspects of rights, regulation and liberty.

Regulations can be simple and effective when applied by representatives who have no profit stemming from legislating them.

A regulation’s simple protection of liberty when applied to the individual and the general public is all that the regulation need truly accomplish.

If a tax is fair, it must be fair to all.

If a right is fair, it must be fair to all.

If a sentence is fair, it must be fair to all.

It truly is, that simple but an elected official who can sit for decades or accept multiple anonymous donations and a lifetime of profit from just a few months in office can not and will never represent that kind of system ethically or fairly.

In summation

I am currently missing out on a job I love. To build and make available to those who have hired my services, the best possible construction for home renovations. Last month I designed, engineered and fitted an entire bathroom venting system in a century old home that did not have one.

It required me to use my mind, to implement something new, to innovate and follow explicit guidelines, some of which are regulated by laws of a simple and rational nature that protected me from unfair health and safety hazards and the client from unfair health and safety hazards while also honoring my right to be paid well and fairly for it as well as the client’s right to not be over charged for it.

But there is also a great lack of regulations currently and incentives for corporate construction firms that would have allowed my employer to over charge the client, pay me unfairly and allow my construction to be sub-par and dangerous to the client’s health and safety if my employer chose that route. All while reaping huge tax incentives at the cost to the general public for conducting their business in such a way.

What we need in government are more ethical Carpenters and engineers.

A party of builders.

Ayan Rand’s vision of the future in Atlas Shrugged was of a corporate ruling class that made blind profit from unquestioning, low paid workers to better the ruling class of mankind while reserving technology that they determined the masses and independent thinkers of the world were too stupid to profit from or truly appreciate.

Her books have remained a staple guide for many political figures and corporate leaders in power today.

Her summation of civilization is that those with power and profit are deserving of a right to give up on the rest of the world if too many people do not follow the right dogma. Because no matter how low a person’s morals are, that they are rich and powerful must mean they are the best. She equated power with wisdom and intellect despite so many in power then and today being petty, cruel and ignorant.

How well has that vision gone for the country or the world?