Bernie Sanders threatens the Democratic Elite and millenial/Boomer generation blame is a sad narrative people need to wake up from.

Bernie Sanders has long been identified as an evolutionary force in the Democratic party that, the party as a whole can learn from.

If recent primary polling is any indicator, Sanders may soon be evolving the Democratic party in ways that both the Democrats and Republicans have needed for generations.

While the GOP remains steadfast in killing itself in the court of public opinion for the sake of the maniac child emperor, Democrats are at the very least WILLING to change for the better and Sanders remains a leading example of this.

After I re-posted this article via Facebook, I noticed THIS reply:

To which I replied:

This generation blame narrative that boomers are 100% to blame is getting pretty damn tired.

There is just as much of a divide with them (BOOMERS) as with any other age group and Millenials are wasting, polluting and blowing what they think is disposable income at a higher rate than anyone born in the mid 20th century.

This is exactly what happened in 1920 when the centenial generation came to age and viewed the power of their age as the dominating factor and the innovation of their age as a cure for all social and economic ailments.

They took pride in new mail order shopping systems, suburban homesteading, Urban nightlife, stock market tickerS and share valuation systems the same way that millenials have wrapped themselves in, driverless cars, the UBI mythos and “gig economy”.

And look what is happening.

Uber and Lyft have loaded the stock market with the same hollow trade system that we had in 1929 when the entire thing finally crashed and sent America into an 8 year economic fuck all that the flappers (The centennials) had to pull themselves out of in a sobering and painful wake up call.

This current generation is waiting on technology that doesnt even exist to solve all their problems and just like the flappers, they DO NOT want to work or innovate on their own until it is too late.
Just assume that these snake oil tech companies and start ups will survive somehow and rain a new trickle down system of wealth on them.
Meanwhile Bezos and Khosrowshahi are pulling in billions and cheering on UBI because it will just hand them another bail out and justify keeping workers on slave wages.

THAT is what the Democratic party needs to rid itself of.

Pandering too it is making them far to much like the GOP and warping reality to repeate a 100 year old mistake that no one learned from dispite a world war, millions dead and the US foreign investment ratio being over 1600% negative from its rate in 1970.

It is also a fair assertion that the DNC has learned it’s lesson after the Clinton debacle in 2016.

Save of course for their idiotic allowance of Michael Bloomberg to pay his way into the primaries.

Which I sicerely hope is an effort by the DNC to railroad Bloomberg out of the running later, to show that the DNC is (at lest this time) not for sale.

What ever the case, The DNC still needs to grow up and so does anyone who thinks that blaming another generation for all their issues is in any way a solution of adult manner of resolve.

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