1975, November 25th 04:15 -Born Louisville, KY- Jewish Hospital

1975- 1999

Abnormal growing pain fevers, Abuse, early psychiatric care, Father tries to kill me three times. divorce, move to Kentucky, federal banking fraud scandal, financial ruin, nervous breakdown in high school, half a year institutionalized, first suicide attempt, got girlfriend pregnant, first child adopted, first crime committed, first time in jail, moved to wisconsin, Identity stolen, second child, ran from life, went hitchhiking, failed attempt at joining the Army, Failing at work, family, life. Moved back to Wisconsin. Working at WYOU, Horrible relationship, too many drugs, rave scene.

1999- 2010

More drugs, very selfish, working more for WYOU. Producing for WYOU and working for World Music INC. First world tour. See Africa, Canada and Europe for first time. Coast to Coast in the US. World Music Owners an defraud talent, several Madison clubs and Guinean government. I testify against owners. World Music fails to send child support payments from extended tour work and I go to jail for payment failure. More hitchhiking and couch surfing with family. Another horrible relationship. Two store management job with pizza company. Pizza company owner attempts to defraud Fond du lac city council. I testify against employer. More hitchhiking.


Couch surfing with family and road trips. Another horrible relationship. Move back to Madison, WI. Get in a VERY horrible relationship which required clarity with MPD to free myself from.

2013- 2022 Age of enlightenment

Get married, marriage fails. Begin working in carpentry and security. I do well and learn to be an adult. Part with security industry after finding it is saturated with racism and sexism. Form my own carpentry company.