Bliss, a sci-fi movie that could have been better.

Dont watch the movie Bliss (Owen Wilson, Selma Hayek) if you don’t want to cry your eyes out and receive a very bleak view of the likely future.

So Wilson and Hayek are a pair of doctors stuck in a simulation Hayek’s character created…… Or are they?

It leaves in enough doubt to leave you wondering that they are likely just two people who lost everything and are living an insane drug fueled mythos generated by an immensely BS story of what could be in the future.

The “simulation” is in modern day LA where Wilson and Hayek’s characters are stuck as washed up, drug addicted and homeless street dwellers. The production actually used several spots in Los Angelis where on going homeless street camps have been a regular and growing fixture since 2010.

*Bet you cant even begin to guess what happened that year to make everything turn south.
Wilson’s character is unaware that he is in a simulation while Hayek’s character attempts to bring him out through a series of very depressing street and drug trade antics.
Eventually they get out and Wilson’s character finds himself unable to recover his memory of the “real world” when they are back.
He is confused by how wonderful the world is and asks how it is possible.

Hayek’s character tells him it was three things, and I was cringing right up to the eventual facepalm as I susspected exactly what she was going to say.
Automation, Synthetic Bioengineering and asteroid mining………….

That is just sloppy script writing. They had Bill Nye in this movie and here they are pulling clown farts from every dumbass idea that Andrew yang and Elon musk have had for saving the world.

Automation will solve NOTHING.

As we have already seen, automation doesn’t solve the things that we thought it would.

We have had automation systems in place that are dynamic enough to pack and fold boxes, load multi wave/multi stop delivery trucks and process waste yet no corporation has developed upon using enough of it to make the need for human workers redundant or even remotely scarce compared to automation.

Nor have we or will we with any sort of haste, developed fully automated workers in a way so as to replace all human worker functions.

Boston dynamics has the most lifelike androids that exist today but their service costs, lack of long term power capability and lack of self governance make them entirely impractical. By the time you get to fully self aware, self servicing with a long term battery the size of a cell phone, everything on the planet’s surface will already be dead. Even if automation could do all the horrible jobs that humans are just to lazy to do, what happens when you have billions of uneducated humans standing around with nothing to do but be out of work? You get even more poor, dumb and greedy humans making more carbon than they ever have before. Only our carbon production would serve no actual purpose. It would just be operating along side the same rate of production as our industry.

Phillip K Dick saw this coming which is why he wrote stories like Autofac.

Automation is nothing more than humans becoming even more meaningless and useless than they are now.

The fact that we cant even develop automation to the lofty expectations promised by people like Musk and Yang proves just how useless we already are.

Synthetic bioengineering is not a thing.

The primary use of this technology would be to digest the massive amounts of carbon and toxins we add to the atmosphere on a daily basis. Instead trees that each process carbon at a rate of 48 pounds per year, we create ones that process it at 50 pounds per day.

Stop for a moment and realize just how screwed we are NOW. We have billions of trees on the planet, each processing just shy of 50 pounds of carbon a year and we still cant even chip away at the amount of carbon we are adding.

This is little more than another argument for carbon capture, which is absolute trash science. Carbon is a heavy compound and you cant just pluck it from the atmosphere without creating so much more of it that your attempts to remove it become futile.

A tree that jumps from 48 pounds of carbon a year to 50 pounds (or more) A DAY will have to expend a massive amount of ENERGY and produce a massive amount of WASTE. It would likely have to drop hundreds of dead leaves a day, which would then rot and turn right back into the same amount of atmospheric carbon just a few days later.

Or maybe we can just hire millions of people to stand under the trees, collect leaves and burry them so deep in the ground that they can not rot and put carbon into the atmosphere…..

All while we have just created another huge human fart engine of industry, replacing the bio-engineered carbon capture system with even more raw human carbon.

The only solution to have less carbon in the atmosphere is to make less of it on the ground.

Asteroid mining is dumb

If you didn’t like the idea of replacing normal trees with mutant trees that would just force us to create more carbon, how about we just pull trillions upon trillions more in pure carbon and toxin spewing materials from outer space and add that to our atmosphere.

There are only two ways to get materials back to the planet from outer space.

The dirty way,

Which would be to launch several million tons of space craft with several launches. Then drag the mined materials back and then fling them down to the surface through the atmosphere, casing multiple giant plumes of carbon added to out already over loaded atmosphere.

The really super dirty way,

Which would be to avoid crashing the materials we bring back by burning even more carbon in our atmosphere in order to slow heavy landing craft that would carry these immensely heavy loads back to earth. Which would actually burn far more carbon than crashing them.

To get just a few tons of iron or water back down to the surface you would have to burn up tons of carbon, THEN , you still have to process all of it.

Elon Musk recently admitted that a single starship launch would take up to eight additional fueling trips just to get ONE moon mission accomplished.

This is because the starship system is huge and operates as a VTOL, constantly needing to slow itself down for landings and also expend huge amounts of fuel to speed itself up again to escape gravity.

Mining asteroids would take several HUNDRED times the amount of fuel and payload coverage just to bring a few tons of material safely back to earth.

Much of that fuel would be burned and release carbon WITHIN our atmosphere.

Bliss has a good angle with identifying the problem on the streets in LA but it cuts that message sort to interject the most moronic suggestions for a solution for our civilization.

They should have stuck with something more tangible, realistic and relatable.

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