Dennis Prager is the most evil, anti-semitic, misogynistic, Lying bastard wanna-be Jewish person on the face of the earth today, After Benjamin Netanyahu

Dennis Prager named his youtube channel and website PragerU to make it sound like an educational institution. website
Disclaimer on the front page stating that PragerU (Prager University) is:
The statement then rather deceptively adds:

The content is little more than conjecture based narratives about history and politics mixed in with a few rare factual historical accounts to make it all look respectable.

The content directs the reader/viewer to an entirely revised account of history and political sciences based on theocracy and the most ignorant aspects of pseudo neo-conservative ideology.
Prager himself is a foot stool for the libertarian party which is in turn a foot stool for the Alt-right GOP and NRA.

In this segment, he is calling Ann Frank an “ignorant little girl” only in far worse and far more condescending terms than that.

The Diary of Ann Frank is essential reading for any and all human beings. Her statement that we are all good people inside resonates and is important because it fully expresses the true nature of evil, that evil happens when people ignore the good in them. You never fully ARE or EMBRACE evil.
There is always something in us that knows what wrong is and at some level attempts to advise us from taking action to what is wrong.
The true weakness in all people is too ignore the good in them. Her realization of this and it’s commitment to her diary during the worst events of her life which lead to the end of her life are one of the most important things in human history.

Dennis Prager is an evil fucking bastard because he chooses to be his ineffectual dog ass scratch and instantly forgetting the names of people he JUST read a letter from, self.

In other videos, PragerU uses black presenters to convey that while white privilege is not real and it is the fault of the black community for unfair treatment, Black privilege IS REAL and successful black Americans do not help the black community because they do not embrace theocratic neo-conservative ideals.

In each of these videos, the presenters do not use actual statistics, historical references or ANY valid source material to substantiate their claims. Only conjecture based statements without substantiation along with anecdotal stories from their own perspectives.

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