Everything wrong with the political spectrum, theocracy, dogma and narratives in one facebook exchange.

This screen captured exchange is important because it indicates EVERYTHING wrong with political sides, dogma, theocracy, narratives, identity arguments and over all “feels” activism in this United States of America country.

The main issue is narratives and assumptive reasoning.

Did I say “Trump is a pedophile”? NO

because he has acted and conducted himself NO DIFFERENTLY than Joe Biden when it comes to Children.

Here we see Trump getting double denied trying to kiss a child, the second time trying to kiss her on the mouth.

No means no.

Was it sexual?

Have any children indicated later that Biden creepy touched them? NO

Have any children indicated the same regarding Trump?NO

The narrative HAS NO BASIS with either person and NEITHER person has the right to construct such a narrative because of the facts.

That is the only point being made, it contains no dogma or narratives.

Then this happens:

A liberal begins arguing about how they “feel” about the content and they create another narrative about my reasoning for posting it without examining the FACTS.

THEN she tries to construct a baseless identity argument when she outs herself for being overly dogmatic and obtuse.

Making an illusion in order to make her feel better about her original illusion.THIS is WHY, while i side more often with the Liberal narrative, it is still just as full of deceptions and baseless narratives as the conservative narrative.

THAT is why we can not have nice things.

We need to wash ourselves of this assumptive reasoning and the narratives it builds.

When you make your ideals out of this line of conduct, it creates a theology and a theocracy based on delusion.

If we could only be free of it, Liberals and Conservatives alike, things would become so clear and simple.

We need to become vulcan in our presentation of ideals and end the narratives.

Infinite diversity, in infinite combinations.

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