Following the money Funding the Biden and Trump campaigns and Trumps bizarre spending issues.

Joe Biden Campaign funding and spending 2020

Donald Trump Campaign funding and spending 2020

-Amount of funding from super PACs

These are anonymous and typically fraudulent donations by special interests and corporations that would have been illegal before the ‘citizens united’ ruling.

-Joe Biden = $43 million

-Donald trump = $99 Million

I worked in the deduction rates which typically work out to half of an increment rounded down (Example 1,345,000 – would count as 1 million in pocket money).

SO, Trump has nearly THREE TIMES the dirty money in his pocket than Biden.

Yet Biden is still out spending and out funding Trump by an average of 100 million dollars getting more from direct donations and open source funding.

Trump has over $160 million in cash on hand for his campaign yet his ratio of spending to donations is nearly 30% less than that of Biden’s.

For a man averaging 10 points behind in the polls and 68 points behind in the electoral, Trump is not running his campaign like a person who thinks he will win.

Knowing trump’s business history, he likes to horde money before another bankruptcy or failure. Of that $160 million in on hand cash Trump has, there is an easy $40 million floating around that could easily be tucked into his pocket and walked away with given the zero regulation factor of PAC money.

Maybe Trump is planning a whopper of a last minute expense run with the money left.

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