Hello from the other side. when you are in social media jail for arguing AGAINST proud boys, transphobes, homophobes, fake green tech and racists.

It started with a comment I made on facebook about castraiting Elon Musk after an article was published with Musk gushing over his recent project to torture animals.

Then a friend posted a quote from some racist proud boy spouting off about how the black community is irresponsible because they abort more babies than any other race.

Which is entirely untrue.

Source KFF National Healthcare Statistics. https://www.kff.org/

I of course fired back that Planned Parenthood should be given an award for eliminating the offspring of so many white pseudo-intellectual hipsters in urban sprawl and white trash. Though the later could up their game in familiarizing with planned parenthood.

Facebook responded with a 30 day Account suspension which will end on March 4th.

So for this month I will compile my daily dosages of illusion destroying rants.

A new coalition of fake green energy companies wants to rape the earth with your blessing.

Uber and coalition of EV companies are attempting to bury zero emission/zero carbon footprint transportation. Enter the Zero Emission Transportation Association (SETA). ZETA is a registered lobby, NOT a non-profit or charity.

Uber’s portion of ZETA (Zero Emission Transportation Association) is a leasing scam which also pirates 50% of an already insulting incentive fee or drivers who operate electric vehiles as rideshares. Drivers become lockd into an expensive vehicle lease they will never be able to pay back without working endless hours making less than minimum wage as rideshare drivers. Just so Uber can claim to be greening a transportation market they already tripled pollution in since 2013.

If you’ve ever spend time researching what goes into just ONE electric vehicle battery and how often that battery needs service and replacement, you’ll know that Electric vehicles ARE NOT renewable or an effective means of combating increased carbon in the atmosphere.

This segment from Planet of The humans (starting at 28:25 covers the myth of solar, wind and EVs.

The technologies being maintained and “developed” by ZETA rely on heavy rare earth mining operations, gas production and increased carbon emisions in order to thrive.

ALL of the companies listed on the ZETA initiative also lobby and argue heavily against actual renewable and zero carbon footprint technologies such as solar thermal (not solar electrical) and hydrogen.

North America’s leader in electric vehicle marketing, Elon Musk (Tesla) has been a constant opponent of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

So called “bio-fuel” power plant lobbies conned the US public in the early 2000s by creating hundreds of new carbon belching power plants across north America marketted as “green energy”.

ZETA will now continue the work for mining and oil concerns by expanding mining, oil and rare earth exploration world wide in a falsefied program of “green transportation”.

SpaceX fails at rocket engineering, violates FAA statutes yet keeps on trucking

When Elon Musk rolled out starship, he went on and on about 301 stainless steel being used INSTEAD OF TITANIUM because he said it would be “just as good” and cheaper.

Musk’s stammering 301 stainless steel rant during the starship unveiling.

He also threw in fancy tag lines on the name like “proprietary 301 stainless steel” or 301x stainless steel.

Musk has somehow and amazingly convinced many of his fan boys that Spacex actually developed 301 stainless steel.

301 stainless is a cheap steel nickel alloy that has been around since the early 1970s.

It’s “development” was concluded decades ago and there are plenty of steel alloys with better thermal and structural properties, though virtually none are used in space craft unless they have significant titanium or added carbon in their alloy components.

For instance 304 grade stainless (used on the body panels of the delorian) is far better than 301 at resisting corrosion, has better thermal properties and is used on internal and some structural components of space modules and probes built by Nasa for extended space missions.

Something you might want to use on a spacecraft flying an extended trip to Mars for instance.

SpaceX never developed 301 stainless and adding an ‘x’ to the name of a cheap steel alloy grade does not magically enhance it or change it’s properties.

FYI, the term ‘x’ is typically applied to the last generation of a series or the 10th.

Since a steel / nickel alloy can only maintain a few very simple and precise versions, all of which were developed decades ago, this means that someone was trying to make a cheap steel sound fancy.

2- I don’t know how we became so stupid as to look at a man using the word ‘proprietary’ mixed in with the name of a steel and take it seriously as the word refers to ownership, not the function, method of application or operation by usage of the metal. Nor does spacex or Elon Musk own the exclusive or developmental rights of 301 grade steel since it was developed when he was still an infant.

But it does make me laugh to the point of tears.

Due to his lack of physics or engineering know how, Elon likes to throw a lot of big words that mean nothing into his presentations. It helps to make yourself sound smart while you are shitting into the hands of investors and destroying the planet for profit.

The spacex crew dragon module, Blue Origin’s new shepard and NASA’s DST have already passed starship by several months and years in successful testing, explosion free launches and operational usage.

All of these vehicles also employ titanium and titanium alloy structures which are a proven and far more advanced grade of structural material for space travel and re-entry than 301 grade steel.

Getting a tiny crew exchange vehicle into a standard earth orbit cheaper than nasa can do it is not a huge accomplishment.

Building an interplanetary VTOL would be, if Nasa had not already done a better job of it nearly 30 years ago with the DC-x.

Rocket engineering is not a place where you cut corners.

This last week’s explosion of the Starship SN9 being a perfect example of just how moronic the entire system.

Play by play:

10 seconds after launch the rear exterior camera shows buckling and stress ripples on the rear fin surface.-

At the 6 minute mark on the video, the rear interior cam shows the same excessive heat build up issue starting to cause flames to form over the interior engine components and wall as with SN8.-

At 6 minutes and three seconds a regular flow of flames over the upper section of the rocket bells and engine components above the bells can be seen and the walls inside the rear section buckling and warping from heat.-

At 6 minutes and 38 seconds the interior rear section shows the section above the engine bells now has an intense fire burning on it’s surface and the walls around the engines are warping and buckling. As predicted and repeatedly advised to spacex, the open rear section is retaining to much heat and causing a heat well in the rear section.-

At 7 minutes and 10 seconds the rear interior camera goes offline as the first engine flames out, likely causing an additional rush of heat to be trapped in the rear section causing more parts to melt off on and around the engines as in the sn8 test.-

at 8 minutes and 40 seconds the next intended flame out causes another blast of flame and heat to erupt in the rear section.-

at 11 minutes and 48 seconds after the controlled decent “belly flop” segment, the rear engines start again to turn the ship back to a vertical attitude and a massive amount of fire can be seen within the rear section above the engines. The open section of the rear and the heat build up inside cause the craft to flip back to the opposite horizontal angle and lose attitude control. There is an obvious cut off in thrust power for the rear engine to correct the craft. SN9 fails to fire all engines or correct and crashes to the ground in a huge fire ball.

The shockwave and debris can be seen hitting SN10 as it stands not even a few hundred yards from the crash site.

The idiocracy is real and it has infected big tech.

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