Hone, A review

In the tradition of gonzo literature of which I am accustomed, here are many factors one could access to accent the opening of a brand new bar/eatery in Madison’s downtown after a year through a pandemic.

In this instance I would leave it to you the reader to visit Hone for yourself and get the raw story from those in site.

I would prefer to focus on the experience that it offers.

The Space

Hone is located at :
708 1/4 E Johnson St, Madison, WI 53703

At the front windows hang two large scale reproduction LCD Edison bulbs.

Table seating runs along a long back wall bench.

The back wall has an absolutely gorgeous line of copper covered recessed lighting sconses that project a perfect upper and lower light.

By contrast the bar lighting is soft bright and low over a very well done refinish on the bar’s surface.

The space is intimate as well as open. It is not full of itself like many of the more central downtown restaurants which over produce on presentation, under produce on quality and clutter each other.

The Meal

I started with the Donner Kebab.

The side salad commanded it’s own attention and placed the pallet perfectly for the Donner Kebab.

The Donner kebab itself was brilliant. Nothing really in my experience could properly compare it to outside of a beef Shawarma I once had at an off campus hole in the wall by Harvard. The Harvard Shawarma was tasty but soggy and more of a comfort food confection.

The Hone Donner Kebab is a meal that is both fun and tasteful.

The beef was well prepared, the vegetables fresh and crisp and the garnish was savory.

I cut the first section from the end so I could compare cutting and forking bites to holding it in the traditional method.

Both were effective.

For my drink I did a Hendrick’s and tonic.

The featured desert was a Honey Lavender Creme Brulee

I am a huge Creme Brulee fan. What you want to look for is how well the top is fired. The sugar needs to be glassed but not burned so you get a slight crunch with a creamy underbelly.

Hone pulled this off perfectly.

I will be returning to try the Lumpia Roll and then again for another Donner Kebab.

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