How the BDO argument answers why we live in an Idiocracy.

I often answer a lot of questions on Quora.

The challenging exchanges keep me sharp

The not so challenging ones remind me that I haven’t lost my mind and the majority of the world really is living south of 40 IQ points.

This question concerning Driverless vehicles brought me to the starling realization that we aren’t just living in an idiocracy but an idiocracy that the majority is justifying to itself with more idiocracy.

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MANY tech speculators claim it is closer than it actually is as they did from the beginning.

2015= “2 years” 2016 = “4 years” 2018 = “five years”

2020 = Uber sells off it’s driverless program and waymo speculates that we need guidance structures added to roads and the cars will still never be without a human oversight operator.

That is what makes them speculators and not computer scientists. An active Artificial intelligence does not inherently require a lot of power, a large structural motherboard, large storage or even a more dynamic processor. What it requires is the ability to identify itself and reason with that identity in the same way a human does. That is what makes an intelligence active, instead of reactive.

A large part of that in the human mind, like any other active intelligence, is MATH. Input has to arrive at processing, has to filter through memory, has to arrive back at processing and then remain redundant to an active awareness of self and reason of self. THEN filter through an active and ever changing perception and reason of the physical self as it relates to the physical and ever changing world.

This involves a very critical nexus of number crunching and immediate output.

We may develop such a thing within 10 years, however the speed at which it performs would initially be very slow.

If we could speed it up to a real time/real world experience, we then have an active AI system that is instantly more ordered than the human mind and limited only by it’s memory capacity.

Meaning, the very last thing we would be doing with it would be to stick it in a car.

We are talking about an AI capable of cracking complex divides in physics game theory and computation. Solving the strong/weak force problem or manipulating bio-chemical reactions in cellular mitosis by way of micro structure analogue combinations would be easily solvable within weeks instead of several years.

You wouldn’t need to be concerned with transportation issues because it would be able to design an absolute zero hydrogen link engine and a cheap means of mass producing them in a matter of hours.

This brings the conversation into the realm of the BDO argument. Where the existence of the means to produce creates better solutions than the initial intention of production.

In long term space exploration science fiction argues that a BDO (big dumb object) such as a large spinning artificial gravity ring is needed for humans to survive in space.

However in reality, we found that inverse rotational systems used to mimic gravity, only cause more physics problems and deadly effects on the artificial environment as well as biology.

So then tech speculators, arguing that larger versions of inverse artificial gravity systems would work, argued much larger structures (BDOs) that would solve all of the issues of the smaller versions.

Unfortunately, these arguments only created larger physics issues.

Issues that would require more complex developments in science to address. These developments being so complex that by the time humanity would have solved them, the need for BDOs would not exist since we would have solved artificial gravity and faster than light travel before arriving at them.

We already have computers that can operate assembly machines, auto pilot space, air and water vehicles (which is simple compared to ground vehicles), create complex opposition in computer gaming in reactive models and provide complex modelling.

The next big step in computing will take us far passed the need for a redundant system, it will be a prime computation and engineering entity that will push us passed the need for reliance on computers as we would benefit far more from what is produced in the realm of making ourselves more capable and self reliant.

Quora, Justin La Plante January 28th 2020

That last part got me to thinking about the BDO argument.

A BDO (Big Dumb Object) Is a device used commonly in science fiction to add awe and wonder to the story or explain around some technical issue.

BDOs are never practical when you realize that by the time you arrive at the capability to actually create one, you have surpassed all of the physics issues and technological capability which would make building one entirely
unnecessary for a civilization.

A pretty straight forward and simple use of logic and reason.

Which, for the average, modern day human, has become impossible.

So we now have the argument that selling out the last scraps of our entire economy at the whim of the newest generation of Robber Barons is somehow a good idea.

We pass laws making indentured slavery legal again and pass that off as a good idea.

These are all illusions that we sell ourselves because we see them as a work around to a brighter future.

Despite the fact that we have no control or stake in the profits of these ventures.

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