Mailbag, YES, your ignorant white ass IS going to pay more for an Uber ride in the UK (soon the US) and you will LIKE IT. This is why….

Last month, The UK high courts ruled in favor of rideshare drivers through out the nation of England.

Thus ending Uber and any other gig/app based business model’s ability to indenture drivers (and subsequently customers) in fraudulent service term agreements, slave labor wages, uninsured services, unaccountable background checks and unfair billing and vetting practices through out England.

Some of my more critical videos of Uber featuring the UK have recently gotten some shade tossed at them by atypical gig users.

They are unhappy that their lily white asses may have to pay just as much and wait just as long for service as the non-white customers that rideshare drivers typically avoid serving and are enticed AWAY from serving by the targeted surge practices of the app companies.

One of these detractors and the submitter of our mailbag item for today is a youtube user by the name of “white cis cum” (lets call him WCC).

WCC doesn’t have any video content on his channel but his two favored channels are both by pesudo-intellectual white supremacist torys who reside in the UK.

Surprise surprise, one of them is none other than ‘Sargon of Akkad’.

So WCC writes to me (in reply of a video I posted critical of Uber in the UK):

Why am I going to spend 3x as much on a black cab in London when I can get an uber for a third of the price? Also, uber drivers aren’t uninsured? Are you aware of how uber drivers have to go through the application process?
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quote, White Cis Cum, Youtube

My reply:

Like far to many other Uber users, you have yet to actually READ the TOS you agreed to when signing onto the app.

Uber has been allowed in the UK to operate uninsured drivers and zero accountable background checks on those drivers just the same as here in North America.

Like it or not, UK courts have finally favored with the drivers and the public good. meaning the drivers will be employees now.

Meaning Uber will have to kneel to the same market regulations that black cabs and US taxis had to over 80 years ago so they weren’t indenturing their drivers into poverty.

Which means:

Fleet limits


Higher fare rates

Vehicle inspections for health and safety

It is basic MATH.

You can not get a vehicle to every available call for transportation in under 10 minuets and at a fare standard BELOW the sustainable cost for insurance and vehicle service without saturating the market and cutting corners where ever you can.

The longer you work with that kind of math, the worse the economy gets as more and more drivers lose on those costs and the public ends up eating the incidentals.

Learn how to READ:

US TOS for Uber:

UK TOS for uber:

*Note the LIMITATION OF LIABILITY sections in BOTH agreements.

This is the user TOS for the background check service Uber USES (Checkr). They admit SEVERAL times through out the document that document verifications for Insurance, Permit, License and even CRIMINAL history are neither ACCURATE or verified with absolute or even remote identification of the actual person submitting the information.

I’ve done employment background checks on department store clerks with more comprehensive criminal background checks and submission verifications than what Uber uses.

You are a sargon fan which means you absolutely despise brown people.

One would think that background checks and proper verifications to weed out the dirty foreigners that you despise would be something you enjoy.

You will pay more for Uber rides as ALL gig/APP users will eventually pay more for the services because slavery is supposed to be illegal, indentured labor is no different than slavery, economic prosperity is the hallmark of a free market AS WELL as the right of the provider and we are human beings, not animals.

Uber users pay insane and entirely unjustified fee increases on surge rates that are geo targeted instead of fairly distributed and they even pay more for exclusive rides instead of lower rates on the pool option every day.

There is absolutely ZERO demographic evidence to prove that an increase an fares will even curb customers from using uber so long as they can dispatch rides faster than a black cab, which they will, even with fleet limitations.

Western market consumers from home to commercial are IDIOTS.

For over a decade now American and UK construction retailers have been buying cheap and flawed metals from foreign providers over domestic providers, thus bankrupting their industrial edge and labor index.

Since the 1960s every single drop of gas you put in your car is dictated at cost by a middle eastern oil cartel that doesn’t even grant board membership to it’s highest paying customer nations OR nations producing more oil than their own.

Yet you gladly bend over and take it straight up the backside from them without an argument just so you can get gas in your car that costs YOU SIX TIMES the average cost of a person living in one of the controlling cartel nations.

You lost the “I dunna wanna pay that much” argument DECADES ago. So you might as well be paying more to support economic stability instead of continuing to sell out your own economy for once.


With the UK now waking up to the reality of the gig economy, the US will not be far behind. Already other European nations are considering the same move to grant gig workers employment rights since the gig companies refuse to grant them their employment or independent contracting rights.

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