My letter from and to Jill Biden

Jill wanted to ask me for some money today. This was my response:


Your husband is already president.

He is doing a fine enough job at it. He hasn’t been playing golf and for the most part, he has been keeping to the essential work at hand.

I donated to his initial campaign, flew his banners and posted his yard signs. Things are well enough BUT your husband is holding water for some very backward policies that hindered my ability to do more than I already have.

If he were to consider improving his approach to these essential issues, I WILL be motivated to assist, but never before hand as these simple issues do not appear to even be registering on his radar.

1- Electric Vehicle battery and recharging carbon issues The standard long range electric vehicle sold in America today has plenty of recharging options available. This issue being that 99,9% of those recharging stations are powered by non renewable, carbon producing electrical grids. The batteries in these vehicles also require massive amounts of rare earth mining to produce. Depending on the battery’s bulk, the amount of mining needed to produce each battery effectively gives the entire vehicle an 8 to 10 year carbon footprint. For most electric vehicles, this eliminates their carbon neutrality since they will need entire battery replacements in under 5 to 10 years. since this time is well within the average lifespan of each battery. If charging stations could at the very least be mandated to be on renewable power as opposed to the standard electrical grid, that would address 2/3 of the issue. Making electric vehicle ownership , at the very least a more carbon neutral form of transportation. Currently only Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the only truly carbon neutral form of transportation. If the president truly wanted to give incentives for lower carbon emissions, he would be giving those incentives to more hydrogen fuel cell vehicle ownership and fueling station development. I understand that OPEC and American coal concerns prefer electric vehicle charging to be on standard grids. I understand that Joe still needs to kneel to OPEC. I understand what a horrible fate awaits any US president who stands against fuel cartels and their special interest groups.

I also understand that most Americans do not understand these relationships and how they work.

But if they did understand then maybe it would be a lot easier for us to get in gear and actually address the real issues of climate change.

MAYBE Joe might want to show some interest in these regards.

2- Child detainment continues at the border and it is no different than the experience under Trump. I do appreciate that the Biden Administration has stepped back on many of Trump’s unfair immigration policies. But children in cages does need to end. There is a pandemic happening. There are MANY empty buildings that can be rented cheaply to house people. There are many empty hotels. There is a lot of missed opportunity here.

3- The SEC is currently a festering sewer that threatens market advisors for trying to warn the public about bad trading and corrupt developments in the speculation market while they give meaningless slaps on the wrist to CEO’s who routinely use their social net accounts to openly commit insider trading and fraudulent campaigns for an expanding fraudulent trade bubble that WILL destroy the entire market center and economy very shortly. Much of this insanity is being driven by a new generation of tech robber barons like Elon Musk, who deliver absolutely nothing in the way of technological advancement or improvement while they build an entire economy based on absolutely nothing. It is already costing millions of people their savings and millions more are being dragged down by the progression of this trend. NOTHING is being done about it and if it continues Joe will be at the helm of a far worse economic crash than the 08 fiasco,

Joe currently has time and opportunity to target the actual issue and get the SEC to do it’s job.

Barack did not have that chance in 08 because the crash was already tripped long before he took office.

Being “just good enough” is not enough for a president who will only have one term. Lets face it, Joe does not have another term in him. He could be a more loved president than Obama and Kennedy put together and he still wouldn’t be able to pull out another election given his age and bad judgment calls thus far.

He wouldn’t be able to out campaign the kind of fast talking car salesman that the GOP is going to slather up for 2024. That election is going to require the Democratic party to actually get off it’s ass and find a real leader who can juggle public opinion and scrutiny better than Barack and Donald put together.

I do appreciate your consideration in contacting me. Please DO NOT contact me with any more requests for money unless Joe wants to stop playing the typical auto-pilot president role and get to some serious work.


Justin La Plante

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