NebCoin Anti-Cryptocurrency proposal

The issues with the cryptocurrency cartel market:

1- Utilize computer processing systems based on blockchain which create massive amounts of carbon load and environmental disaster from excessive power usage.

2- Are unsecure despite using over powered blockchain systems.

3- Maintain valuation direct from and back to the standard monetary systems while having no inherent value of their own without falsified mining or .

4- Creates a falsified narrative of alternative currency and independent wealth while financially ruining more individuals than it ever benefits.

one of the few small bits of truth you will ever hear from a financial publication like Forbes, is how fraudulent and backward the crypto system is.

I recently did this overly researched post on the subject.

Which eft me thinking how crypto could maybe be used in it’s original intention as an electronic based currency that maintained it’s very own value and appreciation.

Early concepts of cryptocurrency included decentralized payment systems and even a direct valuation based on real world goods and labor exchanged to a truly independent online currency.

But when speculation side markets, giant central banking interests, venture capital libertarians and the gig economy began influencing the idea, it became just another world wide financial cartel.

Here is a case in point, Forbes magazine attempting to argue in 2017 that the cryptocurrency market might one day cause self regulation and quell the economically destructive model of the gig economy. It never did.

The best description of what cryptocurrency actually is would be several hundred thousand full poker games of seven people at a table and two of them have the other five constantly raising bets.

The majority will lose, one or two of them may break even and one of them will take it all.

It is not finance, investment or growth, it is gambling on a carbon spewing system that destroys lives.

So how do you deconstruct the system of cryptocurrency and establish an actual e-currency that is truly independent and maintains a real valuation of it’s own?

Establishing value

A cryptocurrency establishes and maintains value only from a standard monetary system.

The current value of one bitcoin as of me writing this post on 10-11-2021 at 3:35pm is $57,321.60. It experiences devaluations in excess of 10% regularly do to en-mass withdraws.

The value only increases when more people buy more bitcoin and will always decrease when anyone sells it.

It only exchanges to and from standard monetary systems (USD, EURO, YEN, YUAN, dirham/ect) and maintains absolutely no independent value.

This leaves nothing but more room for fraudulent and exploitative speculation markets and a means for the wealthy to move money with a system tat, for them, is nothing more than a temporary means to move illicit gains or wipe away the investments of thousands for their own profit.

An anti-cryptocurrency would operate an independent value of it’s own.

This type of valuation would have to be far different from the method of incremental valuation and assessment as applied before to standard monetary systems.

One method of creating valuation would be to apply valuation and gather incremental value on the impact market that is created by negative economics.

Negative Effect Valuation or NEV would be one method of generating incremental value.

Over 90% of rideshare drivers operate without properly informing their own auto insurance providers that they operate their own vehicles commercially.

This creates a specific valuation in the insurance company’s losses or gains depending on if the insurance company is involved with properly adjusting liability and policy logistics or if they do not.

Currently in most us states and other countries where ridesahre operate, it is not illegal to not disclose commercial usage of the vehicle to your own insurance company when driving for a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft.

It is also legal in most areas with rideshare services available to pass drivers through the apps without documentation checks or even a real background check.

Since so few rideshare drivers actually report commercial usage to insurance companies, the liability is very high and can be applied to a value.

Knowing that no less than 90% of all rideshare drivers are uninsured and that those drivers and their vehicles are accounted for in exact numbers by insurance companies and rideshare companies, a composite valuation can be applied and an increment created.

This is an example of just one method of Negative Effect Valuation

It is a means to use a currently corrupt system of business and finance to self correct by using the known valuation and impact through each quarter of business. The growth of NEV valuations and increment additions would force the popular market to regulate and react accordingly in order to eliminate uninsured operations and gig economy companies that do not use proper background checks.

Back reported rideshare vehicles will result in a market not based in speculation but the known value of the liability adjustment.

Making the very whole number of rideshare vehicles in operation an incremental valuation of it’s own that can amend to the NebCoin increment.

the depreciation of the value on Rideshare vehicles and futures in repair costs can also amend a value.

Positive Effect Valuation PEV would be another method of creating value.