“Ok Tumor”, Millenials officially surpass the Boomers as the most wasteful/self destructive generation, Billions forked over to fraudulent Rideshare companies in tax appropriated bail outs.

It is horrifying to watch but a stark reality I have come to accept.

From 2012 to the present day, Uber and Lyft have lobbied numerous state governments with an unending cashflow.

The result being a near national allowance for so-called “sharing” AKA “gig” economy businesses to conduct their operations free of scrutiny despite an over all lack of safety, insurance and fair wage rights for those that work for them.

When ever a legislative hick-up presented itself, the apps suddenly flooded with petition requests to users who were more than happy to mindlessly sign away more rights with municipal and state governments in exchange for fast and cheap services.

NOW, the Gig economy is getting a bailout to the tune of billions in direct cash from US tax payers.

This consolidates and normalizes a system of economics and service industry operations that come as an about face to an entire century of labor rights activism and legislation.

In short, this is the Idiocracy come to life.

Are there any alarms sounding?

Is there one iota of protest or argument from the droves of Millenials that addictively use there services?


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