Science carries on despite the era of idiocracy

While snake oil peddlers like Donald Trump,
Dara Khosrowshahi, Andrew Yang, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos have done well in convincing the world to stall human advancement in order to expand profit, science has a surprising new champion.

This is Leah Broussard of the Oak Ridge national Laboratory.

Broussard helms what may be the most important physics project of this millennium:

The study of physical realms beyond but also relative to our own through observations in directed neutron decay.

The New York post and NBC News were quick to sensationalize the project and attribute it to something akin to the interdimensional ripping technology featured in the show Stranger Things.

The reality however is very different and far more exciting.

There is not going to be an opening to an entire physical Dimension that you can pass back and forth from or that demonic creatures are going to start pouring out of. This is simply an experiment in reflective Mass.

There can be formed bodies and areas of mass that exist side-by-side in physical space in what you might think of as an extra dimension to our current reality. However if they exist the laws of physics that govern them would be so different from the laws of physics that we experienced that there would be no differentiation that we would be able to detect outside of these reflections of that mass in those other states.

There would not be an actual physical world. More like another dimension where mass, energy and time can exist but in ways that do not make that dimension anything like our own in how mass, energy and time are expressed.

What is most exiting for me, is that this all leads to a possible physical proof for my own hypothesis about the nature of reality and our physical space.

I touched somewhat on the initial hypothesis in this treatment for a sci-fi story I’ve been writing for far to long.

I refer to the hypothesis as, ‘universal terminal envelope exchange’.

I’ve long held the hypothesis that the terminal points of mass in our universe (ultra large and ultra small) converge to a point where sub sub atomic particles escape, then refract back into our universe causing a quantem exchange effect from one dimensional state and/or universe to the next.
Between them (in hypothesis) lies an interflux of dimensional states that hold the “soup of reality”.

This kind of system would explain things like dark matter, observation variables and of course how matter maintains itself at the smallest increments of it’s structure where physics forces structure to either vibrate in chaos towards absolute destruction or (in hypothesis) refresh itself from one moment to the next by dipping out of one dimension and/or one universe for a refreshing exchange and/or shedding or gaining of mass and energy in a near by dimensional state among the interflux or through the interflux, to another universe and then back again.

The hypothesis ignores the closed or flat universe model assumed by a portion of physics models and sci-fi writers like Liu Cixin (three body problem).

The open, closed or flat universe models

The main issue of our or any other universe is mass, its creation and it’s ultimate collapse or refreshment based on expansion or decay of the universe as a whole.

Our universe came from a big bang and it is expanding from that explosion. Eventually it’s expanse will end and it will either collapse in on itself quickly or slowly or experience some kind of evolution into a higher or lower form of dimensional states.

Many scientists argue that our universe is a closed system and that alternate realities or extra dimensions beyond our perception are simply augments of our own universe in this closed system that is of and within itself and itself alone.

You can have pocket universes within or somewhat around our own and there are things like dimensional strings which propegate and maintain matter that flow through sub atomic parties in order to keep them fresh and maintain structure despite the complexity of super small srtuctures.

But it all is self contained and the only of it’s kind.

In what scientists refer to as the ‘open’ universe model. the universe makes up for the loss of or having insufficient mass by this dimensional exchange system with matter BUT, they they refer to it as ‘open’, the model is still self contained.

The free universe model

In my hypothesis, the universe exchanges mass with other universes and/or an interflux of dimensional states of time, matter and energy that exists between universes as well as within them to a certain degree. Each universe is somewhat like a star or neutron star hanging in a space that is more like the ‘soup of reality’ rather than a void.

Each universe on it’s own also has a makup of dimensional states and an internal process of quantum exchange and entanglement.

In the open, closed or flat models as well as in my own hypothesis, the end of the universe could be the same. However in my hypothesis, there is an additional area of mass exchange that could lead to something entirely different.

Thus far I’ve made three alterations to the hypothesis based on new data.

If Leah Broussard is successful, there may be more.

The applications

IF the experiments go well, the eventual technological applications are infinite.

If the areas of additional mass/time/energy do indeed exist in an interflux in the free universe model, that means there is an abundance of accessible Mass, time and energy that can be accessed and even lead to a method of SYNTHESIS.

The applications are infinite:

As a power source

As a means to quickly disperse any matter in seconds, if not instantly

As a means to create anti gravity

As a means to communicate instantly with no effect from how far apart you are




Every piece of technology described by Star Trek would become a reality in the next century.

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