The Decline of Western Civilization, X

11 years ago after the supreme court allowed corporations to be counted as people and operate anonymous funding and lobbying, I know I wasn’t the only person posting articles and blogs about what it would create.

Travis Kalonick (former uber ceo) knew the way the wind was blowing. He had uber up and running a year before. There were dozens of warnings and red flag published that all of you could have payed attention to.

The ACLU even has articles out about the dangers of an app based workforce and how it would also exploit customers.

The fall of the roman empire had plenty of red flags but it fell anyway because people were greedy, selfish and they actually thought their brand of slavery was progressive and advanced enough to survive scrutiny and complications.

Just as many of YOU bitch and complain when your delivery app or rideshare has no customer service, the romans also started complaining when the slaves started killing them and all the murder porn they created at the colosseum wasn’t helping to curb the empty, vapid and self destructive nature of their lives.


Romans had slaves to control and lives to throw away in the arenas. That made them complicit to the point of defending the system, even as it destroyed everything around them.

YOU have apps on your phone and an addiction to arenas of reality tv where you enjoy people’s lives being destroyed and/or ruined.

Despite the fact that the rate of sexual assault on women 18 to 24 shot up over 40% in all major cities and over 200 women A WEEK are sexually assaulted in rideshares or by a gig app worker, NONE of you turned off the apps or did so much as sigh and say “awww. to bad” about it.

Too MANY of you actually called it an “acceptable risk”.

All because it drops the price of a ride home from a living wage for the driver, to less than the national minimum wage BEFORE taxes for the driver.

When you accept those as excusable, you are complicit and your mind creates a comfy shell for you to exist in where the murder and pain you contribute to is a medium YOU control. Then you love and enjoy it even more. Humans like suffering more than joy when it means they themselves do not have to suffer, but rather control the suffering. It SHOULD make you sick that you contribute to sexual assault, slave labor, suffering and the destruction of everything around you. But instead you think of it as “progress”.

Congratulations , you have all reset human civilization to the level of moral and intellectual progress made up to the year 395 AD.

Enjoy the fall you have created.

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