The final word on attempts to reopen states from lock-down orders by right wing protesters backed with corporate bail out money.

Time for some MATH and REALITY.

The protesters with the ‘Reopen Wisconsin’ movement (brought to you by
Billionaire hedge fund manager Robert Mercer’s special interest lobbying front
) want eating establishments to reopen at 50% capacity during a pandemic that removes on average 60% of customers even without the government telling them to stay home.

Ask any human being in the real world who owns a seated restaurant, if they are losing 30% of their business, they are going out of business.

Some of the protesters held signs saying they would personally patron any business that chose to open.

There are over 12,800 eating and drinking establishments in the state of Wisconsin.

Only 2000 protesters, (Most from outside Madison) attended the protest yesterday. That is 2000 people out of the 30,000 who joined reopen Wisconsin protest groups on facebook.
Which means only 6.6% of those who say there is no real pandemic and want the state reopened actually felt it was safe enough or even worth the effort to actually go to the protest they claimed to support.
**And here i thought the hippies were the lazy ones when it came to social outrage.**

Only 2000 actual protesters. That is 0.04% of the population of the state of Wisconsin.

That is 2% of the number (of hippies) that showed up at the capitol to protest ACT10 in 2011.

So in order for businesses to open and make money, 2000 people will have to individually travel a minimum of 20% (area coverage of available businesses needing customers) of an area of 65,498 miĀ² and add a minimum of 10% to the daily sales needs of those businesses in order to keep them operating in the black.
Per individual, this would entail:
-Visiting over 2000 restaurants and eating a full meal at each, EVERY DAY. If you low ball it, that is $20,000.00 per person on just the meals.
-Spend between $400 to $600 on gas A DAY (depending on their car’s fuel efficiency) while break neck speeding between 2000 eating establishments.

THIS DOES NOT EVEN ACCOUNT FOR THE OTHER BUSINESSES THAT ARE NOT EATING ESTABLISHMENTS WHICH ARE CLOSED and would go out of business due to a lack of customers if the safer at home order were lifted.

This is before even considering the effect it DOES have on the spread of COVID-19.

I can not even begin to describe the level of stupidity at the protest I attended here in Madison.

You can see it in the videos:

Gun nuts who know nothing about guns, religious fanatics screaming and going into uncontrollable fits of rage, A WOMAN IN BLACKFACE, People holding signs that look like a 2 year old with heat stroke was asked to create them and scores and scores of hateful people with absolutely zero understanding of what they are actually asking for.

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