Why I am not getting the Covid-19 Vaccination and why that does not make me an “anti-vaxer”, Just an educated adult.

Step out of your egg for a moment and put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

A scientist, for example.

You are a virologist who researches their lil ass off year after year.

In your field the average intelligence quotient is among the top 20% for the world.

Most of you are atheists, most of you are very liberal, you read medical journals regularly and your research accounts for the effects of over population on the development and flow of viral infection through out the world.

You know that over population is causing the development of newer and deadlier strains of virus and bacteria.

You know that irresponsible food production, industrial development, mining and pollution are contributing heavily to the development of new viruses and bacteria that are out pacing the survivability factor of the species while also killing off wildlife world wide.

Your field regularly produces outcry for responsible changes at the same fever pitch rate that climate scientists produce on a day to day basis.

YOU KNOW, that if the average human was truly invested in saving this planet and enriching the lives of future generations, that they would also know these things and be in the process of drastically changing the conduct of their own lives.

But they do not.

Then, after decades of somewhat reasonable but often slow and frustrating progress, an absolute theocratic chicken hawk asshole, who spits on you and everything you have done is elected president of the united states. Much of the progress your field and climate science has seen in the last quarter of a century is burned to the ground by this hateful little man and his followers who deny facts, embrace racism, embrace hate and deny the scientific process at a rate so alarming, it would make Hitler blush. Then their movement emboldens hate groups through out the world and begins the process of toppling civilization itself. THEN, there is a new and deadlier pandemic, that you have been predicting and warning of for years. You expect that at the very least, Dolt45 Trump would sound the alarm and be responsible. But instead, he calls it a hoax and his followers help him create a new and hateful narrative out of it. At this point, you have long realized that humanity is too stupid to understand how quickly it is destroying itself and even if Trump goes, an even bigger redneck will replace him and keep the chain dragging.

THEN, Trump, in a frantic scrambling to save himself from himself, demands that you advance a vaccine process as soon as possible, while granting you immense amounts of dispensation from any fault or harm that may come as a result of advancing the process passed a few points of vital testing, research and practical observation…. OR ELSE……


Sure ya stupid fuck, you get a “vaccine”, we get a crash testing pool for fucking with genetics which may, at the very worst (fingers crossed) not work as a vaccine and Trump, along with every theocratic science denying redneck out there is now the end all, be all ‘fall guy’ if and when the gamble goes south.

It isn’t just 60% of the medical staff in the nursing homes in one state refusing to be injected. It is EVERYWHERE.

People who know how to read medical journals and KNOW the proper process of testing a vaccine are resisting this injection.

They are NOT “anti-vaxers”, they are informed human beings, who ALL have their standard vaccinations and know that THIS, is not a vaccination process.

It is Russian roulette where the best case scenario means that we offset 15% of the problem until the next virus beats us into submission in 18 to 24 months because there are seven+ billion fucking people on a planet that can safely sustain TWO billion at most with the way the majority of them prefer to live.

Even if the vaccine worked and was safe enough to put in pregnant women or children, the core problem would still exist.

This WILL happen again. It IS happening now.

We will not survive this way.