Why the criminal justice system is the way it is in the United States.

In my current experience with the criminal justice system I’ve found one of the primary indicators for why our criminal justice system is in the state it is in.
There is no filter for vulgarity or bias anywhere.
Police make arrests with guns drawn, swearing, yelling and incapable of emotional self control.

Investigating detectives lie to people they interview and make promises that the jails and courts can not deliver or violate disclosure statutes, causing anger, fear and stress in every party they interview.

*I once saw two homeless men beating each other to a pulp in Quebec City Canada and ONE local police officer approached them without his gun drawn, asking them both to stop. While speaking with them he didnt threaten an arrest or demand their names and every single details of their lives. He just made sure each was ok, that the fight was over and that they would no longer fight as an incentive to not escalate, be interrogated, scrutinized or go to jail.
The Jail and prison systems are horrible. While i was in jail, i was taken to a “medical wing” which was so unsanitary, it was making every inmate on the floor sick and unable to eat or sleep.

While i was being transferred from the “medical wing” back to the dorms, three other male inmates, a male guard and myself were taken by a woman being given a full strip search with no privacy screen, in full view of everyone in the hallway. The woman being strip searched had no mask on and had to cover herself with her hands and arms to try and hide herself from us. The look of shock and humiliations on her face was mortifying.

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