Alisa L. Roback AKA, Jaded Kitty Kimiko

This was yet another VERY bad dating choice which cost me more money and time than heartache in the end.

Dating Alisa was a clear indicator that I had become so lonely, i would date anyone who would pay attention to me.

Alisa was not as mean or cruel as most other sociopaths I’ve dated but she was very manipulative.

I despised so much in myself for having wasted my time with Alisa and grew to hate her immensely after seeing her home life first hand.

Alisa still lives with her mother ans step father in a trashed one level house in Dickinson Texas.

The house is filled with hoarded items which are in turn covered in animal urine and infested with fleas.

The family keeps several animals in the home.

After I spent a week actually staying in Alisa’s home, I was diagnosed with a lung infection and had to spend a week on antibiotics.


The kind of person Alisa is is far to common in the US today.

People who have simply given up and leech away at anyone they can.


Since ridding myself of Alisa, she lost several website and business plans she had been attempting and now does P2P nude image and video sales online.


I would almost feel sorry but cruelty to animals is unforgivable to me.