The Idiocalypse is an era of the information age following the decline of public media and the expansion of singular privatized media, service industry deregulation and the rise of the “gig”, “shared” or “sharing” economy.

The term derives from the film Idiocracy.

Idiocracy, depicts a future in the 26th century where humanity has regressed so much in general IQ that it is unable to perform simple logistics of economy, agriculture or sanitation anymore.  A man who was put into stasis from the early 21st century awakes in the 26th century and helps the united states learn that putting water on crops instead of energy drink will allow them to grow.

By the year 2015, humanity had begun showing signs of IQ regression and the establishment of several regressive regulatory and legislative behaviors depicted in the film Idiocracy 500 years prior to the events of the film.

Causes of the Idiocalypse



The primary causes derive from the effects of Russian, Eauropean and American propaganda and advertisement development in the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

The most notable being the influence of Communist Russian propaganda publishers such as Vladimir Mayakovsky and western media moguls such as Edward Louis Bernays who were eventually contracted by American firms to promote products and services in the early development of American ad agencies.

The film Branded describes many aspects of advertising and it’s influence on human perception.

In the mid 20th century several experiments in subliminal image and audio placement spawned an entirely new form of marketing based on accessing subconscious and behaviorally familiar messages, color schemes, phrases and entendres, targeted to alter the perception of the consumer.

By the 1970’s advertisement had developed into a precise platform with the power to alter human consiousness in a way that effected not just products and services but also political perceptions.