Jori Garner

This was a VERY bad choice in life.  Mainly a rebound relationship after NMS.  I have an incurable attraction to red hair and outspoken women.  While Jori was very outspoken, I kept over looking the narcissistic tendencies in her conversation.  When she started talking about plotting to murder an ex, I still didn’t unclog my brain enough to run.

At one point she very plainly told me that she was a selfish and narcissistic person by nature.

I was infatuated and very stupid.  I had actually dumped her TWICE in the process of dating her but each time I did, she would reel me back in only to later dump me.

Sociopaths, always with the sociopaths.

Things took a strange turn when she began threatening me over text messages and vandalizing my vehicle to the point where I was forced to file a restraining order.

This is typically a very hard process but once the officers saw the messages she had been sending me, they expedited the process and even hand delivered this ‘cease and desist stalking’ notification to her at work.


After we had this moronic fling, she moved in with an ex boyfriend in Eu Claire, got arrested for petty loitering, then disorderly conduct, then illegal fishing (seriously?) and I had hoped that was where she would remain.

The restraining order ended in 2016.  I recently learned that she is living back in Madison again.