Julica Rose Kelly

*Since this was first published, additional sources have come forward to reveal that Julica and her “fans” have a history of harassing criticism.  She is currently facing battery charges in Iowa county Wisconsin over an issue of assault.  American Idol removed her audition videos from their archives in 2018.*
I still don’t really know who “Julica Rose Kelly” really is but she has a lot of horrible fans, a really horrible “backer” but at least one good hearted person on her side who knew how to step in and get some adulting done…… Until that person decided to get on the hater band wagon.
About a week ago (Week of 4/20/2021) Many of us in Southern Wisconsin started getting a series of ads and spam on our facebook feed walls and even direct to IM.
*I didn’t save any of these but their content is confirmed in my conversation with Julica’s manager/publicist/media rep in the attached page saves from our conversation.
Originally, I made a comment of the advertisements.  The worst of which was in calling the person posting them a “moron”,
Nothing sexist, racist, sexually harassing or remotely threatening was posted or said.
The spam originated form this page:
This is currently the only production quality example of her work:
In the video, you will notice it is all filmed in someone’s basement, on a poor quality camera and the free version of the SongWriters Vault app was used to produce the track.  Which is why you hear ad inserts for the app walking over the track at several points through.
Songwriters Vault ties into a series of scammer based production software apps which target more inexperienced artists by offering production quality arrangements and vocal enhancements like auto tune which make the artists think they look and sound amazing.
What the artists do not realize when they use these apps is that the backing tracks offered in the free and paid versions are often copies of backing tracks from major releases and combinations of these from more than one artist.

In the video fir Jucila’s ‘dont need you now’ track, you will notice elements from a few different backing tracks you may have heard before from artists like Kaity perry, Lady gaga and others.

Her dancing in the video is very mediocre.  To be honest, there are heroin addicts who live on the street, with hardly a single brain cell left that I’ve seen with more complex dance moves.

Having worked in recording and production, auto tune is an instant no-fly zone.

It is only ever used by popular artists in small segments of a song to enhance the pop of the song as apposed to their actual voice.

Jucila is using it like a constant vocal crutch with additional reverb in an attempt to make it sound as though auto tune isn’t being used.

In other videos on her facebook page and youtube channel, she does show an ability to sing, however her vocal range is not at it’s full potential and there is virtually no sense of timing.

The next day after my review and blocking her facebook page to keep the spam out, about 30 of her fans began fire bombing my Friend and co-worker with arguments that I was somehow harassing Jucila.
In my comments, I had called the person who came up with this “ad campeign” a moron (not Jucila).
I advised ending the use of auto tune, stop posting poor quality videos of her copying other people’s backing tracks, take vocal coaching, dance lessons and to STOP enticing her moronic fans to troll people who aren’t even involved just because you got one bad review (your first in years) after spamming people on facebook.
When people have issues, you settle it with those at the source, not an entirely uninvolved party.
The day after, a woman (Kristen Reinders) acting as Jucila’s agent or publicist (they do not seem to know the difference) contacted
me to say sorry for “all of the harping” I was getting.
Before her message, after 24 hours, not a single person had actually contacted me directly.  They had all gone after one single person on my friend’s list.
Her sexuality was never a part of the reviews or discussion until Kristen went full TMI on the subject.  As for her bringing up the issue of a sick child.  The person her fans were harassing has a daughter who lost an eye to cancer.  Not really a place to open a pissing match for self promotion over sick children.
They are trying to make a special pleading case for self promotion based on her sexual preference when no one asked or care about it.
She had sent a friend request which I ignored.  I Found it suspicious and suspected she was only there to watch my facebook content.
So I made a video follow up to clear the air.
And then she affirmed my suspicions.
I never forced Jucila to use a music production scam app for a video, spam people to promote herself and then just ignore a large group of toxic fans who chose to harass an entirely uninvolved party, rather than take it up with me or even report my review of her work.
So after Kristen’s blow up, I sent one final advisory to Jucila Rose herself to simply state the obvious and ask again that any future issues be taken up with ME and ME directly as opossoed to my friends.
It was actually an email which was a simple copy and paste of everything you have read an seen in this article before THIS paragraph.
She sent back an email claiming that I was harassing her, I then blocked her email.
Then it occurred to me to do some more research.
On her website, there was no available press pack, only a bio that looks like a 13 year old wrote it and some broken links.  The app pressing for the site to appear on phones was a mediocre plugin that I had once used on wordpress YEARS ago.
*The website reviews were removed from her facebook fan page and youtube channel ON THE DAY I wrote this.*
If I ever remember the URL, I’ll pull some screen caps from the wayback machine internet archive.
Her bio made mention of being on American Idol, so I checked out youtube to see just how memorable it had been to the show.
From 2018.
Youtube has no record of it on the American idol archives.
Obviously she did get forwarded to the Nashville auditions but was never on the show, thereafter.
The performance was obviously not memorable enough for American Idol to archive it.
*Noting that American Idol has pre audition and main audition archives going back before 2018 of performers who did not advance beyond either.
Part of her lack in recognition may be due to other performers with the same name and abbreviations (Jucila, Jucila Rose, Jucila Rose kelly and JRose) being on streaming apps, websites and published recordings with much more popularity.