Matt Meuller

Ask any person who ever had dealings with Matt when he was still alive and you will get one of three responses, an absolute lie, heavily edited truth or a barrage of brutal honesty and resentment.


I encountered Matt some time in 2002 on a pontoon boat trip we were having for workers at The Cardinal, a night club in Madison where I worked as a bar back.  Matt had provided the boat and was negotiating to buy the club from the owner Richardo.

I spent the next year working on and off with Matt on music and video projects.

For six months i worked as his technical director for a north American tour of Les Percussions Du Guinea, a group of traditional artists from Guinea Africa lead by Mamoudou Conde.

Matt was also a local mortgage and loan magnate responsible for much of the over blown and fraudulent mortgage refinancing deals that all went bust in the 08 crash that were local to the Madison/Dane county area.  He LOVED giving people fake money and pocketing fees for doing it.

THIS article written after Matt’s purchase of pachyderm studios paints perfectly his true personality in life:

Pachyderm Studio wants to save the world, but can it keep the lights on_ _ City Pages

From beating and psychologically torturing his girlfriend, to pocketing the money the Guinean artists made him while paying them pennies to, screwing over every single person he ever did business with, Matt was a pure gem.


On the tour in 2003 he drove a lot as i had no license at the time.  He would CONSTANTLY break over double line sections of road to pass people on highways and nearly every time, I would tell him, “some day that is going to kill you”.

Eventually, it was what killed him when he illegally broke a double line section of highway to pass blindly around a trailer and went head on in a rinky-dink J class Jeep with a full size SUV carrying a father and his two children.
They had their seat belts on, Matt, who never wore a seat belt, went for a 20 yard flight through the wind shield and then did the cheese grader dance between a telephone pole and the gravel shoulder.
I found THIS article about his death, the link to the original Nevada City News paper article about the accident isn’t even archived on their website any more.

*The city pages article has also been sent to archive and is currently offline.