The THREE primary Sociopath types

Sociopaths display a very ridged set of characteristics.

Unlike most other mental disorders Narcissistic personality disorder (AKA; NPD, sociopath) is far more easy to assess and identify.

However as any clinical Psychiatrist will tell you, NPD is nearly impossible to treat.

I have personally NEVER known a person with NPD who has ever not remained a sociopath to at least a lesser degree through out their entire life.

Some sociopaths seem to have a genetic disposition to the disorder from birth while others seem to have developed it at any given time from early childhood to early adulthood.

Contrary to common perception Sociopaths actually do have a varied and diverse variety of how they display and practice the characteristics of the disorder.

As a manic depressive and bi-polar, I am of course addicted to relationships with Sociopaths.  Sociopaths in kind have a tendency to prefer dating people with emotional disorders because they are easier to manipulate in relationships.

Having dated MANY sociopaths, I have found there are types of sociopaths and that these types are not so sexually or culturally dimorphic as with other mental disorders.  Male and female sociopaths may practice certain aspects of the disease differently but often with the same exact goals, cause and effect in mind and practice and most definitely with the same exact disregard for their actions and the effect on others.

Sociopaths speak a culture and language all their own and as (what I argue is) the largest spread mental disorder among humanity it has attained a somewhat universal language among those who practice it.

I prefer the term ‘practice’ as apposed to ‘suffer’ because Sociopaths do not suffer their illness, they relish in it until at least they come to some form of treatment that grants them access to empathy.  THEN, they suffer.

Statistics argue that Anxiety disorders and Depression are the more common mental disorders int he world, however I would argue that this is only seen as such because they are after effects of the great and growing number of sociopaths through out the world who just are not getting their way coupled with the low number of sociopaths who ever admit they have a problem or ever seek treatment for it.


In my experience, these are the THREE primary sociopath types. with a varied subset of specializations within them and different egomaniacal subsets among those:


1- Liberally egocentric 

Liberally egocentric Sociopaths can encompass factors of the other two types as negative after effects of their actions begin to effect them.  They are often the most emotional and emotionally destructive of the three.  They are the least popular among sociopaths as they are often far to much of a burden in relationships for most other people to deal with.

They are not as proactive or long-term meditated as the other two types but often, they can be far more manipulative and they know how to cry, A LOT.

*additional subsets and egomaniacle subsets to be added*


2- Pragmatically Egocentric

These are the most agreeable sociopaths to deal with.  From time to time they can include aspects of Hateful Egocentrics as negative effects of their actions require attention.

Over all they conduct themselves in a more adult and functional manner in life.

I like to refer to this type as the ‘Ayan Rand type’.

They are assholes and have selfish ideas about how the world should be conducted but they know that there are laws, manners and that sometimes honoring the feelings of others can get them farther in life.

But give them a mile of trust or power and they will burn every bridge and sell off the ashes in order to get closer to an early retirement.

*additional subsets and egomaniacle subsets to be added*


3- Hatefully Egocentric

Like pragmatic sociopaths, the hateful get a lot of credit in society.  The hateful sometimes dip into aspects of liberal egocentrics from time to time as well though when they display out of control emotions, crying and poorly planned manipulations, it is all very quick and lacking any real effort.  Donald Trump is a good example of a hateful egocentric along with a man I once worked for by the name of Matt Mueller.  If you want a perfect landscape of a hateful and depraved sociopath just read or listen to anything produced by Donald Trump or read the interview with Matt Mueller in this article.

While hateful egocentrics are more meditated and can plan better then Liberally egocentrics, they are often the least intelligent sociopaths of all.

Hatefully egocentric sociopaths are often rich kids and trust fun babies who had every available resource but no wisdom or empathy to understand any of it or apply it in an adult manner.

If they aren’t losing money left and right, they build lofty empires which either more often topple or every so often they lead to horrific dictatorships, wars and theocratic and/or nationalist police states.

*additional subsets and egomaniacle subsets to be added*

Adiional references and notations:

How to Spot a Female Sociopath by These 6 Traits and Behaviors

*While I detect a level of misogyny in this article, the items of behavior the author describes are undeniable.  However male sociopaths practice these behaviors as well and just as often in relationships.