Vic Eckstein

In late 2012/early 2013 I had been doing articles for Sean Adamz’s now defunked Lazerbunny and Altpornstar websites.  A job I left very rapidly after learning Sean Adamz’s true nature.

A local ‘up and coming’ club promoter by the name of Vic Eckstein had been in charge of the bar and promotions at a local Madison venue by the name of ‘The Bayou’ (now closed).

A series of parties known as ‘Porn and Chicken’ had been happening in the Chicago area lead by a merry band of EDM hipster fashion nightmares .  The group had begun promoting satellite version of these parties to venues through out the midwest.

The ‘porn and chicken’ crew.  Mediocrity is a hell of a drug.

Vic Eckstein had decided to throw one of these satellite events at the Bayou which was just one half block from my apartment above the Madison Hostel not even four doors down on the same street.

I arrived with a photography assistant to take pictures and review the party.

About an hour in, Vic asked if I knew anything about getting the clubs CCTV system working and getting some porn to play on it.  Though I was able to get the TVs working, I only had a DVD copy of close encounters of the third kind to offer.

The event had roughly 13 people attending for a venue that could fit 360.  As the night wore on one of the Chicago promoters of Porn and Chicken showed up demanding money for their leasing of this theme to the venue.

Most of those attending had left before bar time and the event was notably drab.

I wrote up an initial review and after some checking with other “porn and chicken satellite events”, I found that the satellite parties were a huge promotional scam being organized by the originators of the parties in Chicago.

Different venues in other cities were being “leased” the theme in exchange for promotional help that never came and the right to host a party under the “Porn and Chicken” banner in exchange for a cut of the profit.

I made sure to identify this in my review of the party and differentiate that despite Vic’s lack of knowledge with simple media equipment, the failure of the party wasn’t his fault.

The next week I began hearing rumors among many friends and club goers in the Madison area concerning an accusation that I had sexually harassed a female bar tender at the porn and chicken party.

 *Keep in mind that the photographer with me that night was within ear shot and with eyes on me the entire night.

After two more weeks of tracking down rumors and losing a web design contract over the hear-say, I was finally able to find that Vic himself had spread the rumor to several mutual friends and two clients through phone calls, texts and email.

The primary reason that anyone believed the accusations was because Vic had blackmailed the female bar tender in question into simply not answering any questions and staunchly refusing to talk on the subject when asked about it.

Vic accomplished this because the bar tender in question had a series of nudes published on a well known porn website that she had not wanted to become publicly associated to herself.

After I spoke with the Bayou owners, Vic published an apology on facebook which he quickly removed after blocking me on facebook and then removing the public apology.

The entire ordeal cost me an $800 website build deal which would have included at least two years of backup work and roughly 2/3 the local Madison friends I had at the time.

The Bayou closed 8 months later.

After the Bayou, vic became the bar manager at Connections, which is also no longer in business.

Today, Vic is the bar manager for The Crucible, a newer Madison venue meant to fill in the gap left by the closure of The Inferno.