‘Y The Last Man’, the most poorly written, misogynistic and assumptive F*** YOU! to feminism on television today.

*Spoilers ahead*

Just to clarify a point here, I took in ALL three currently available episodes and spent time going over material in each to validate my conclusions. I sourced USNRC, United states Power grid logistics, US military logistics, and domestic logistics from the average grocery store inventory to the average amount of gas on hand in the average gas station’s storage tanks.

I am also the oldest son of a woman who found herself in a situation where she had to lose everything, run from a marriage, run from a monster of a husband and then rebuild a life in not so ideal environments that were often unforgiving and cruel. Though my mother is a unique and powerful person, she is not so unique among women that absolutely no other women on the face of the earth share those traits of self reliance, education and capability.

The most unfortunate and insulting item of the graphic novel and television show, Y the last man, is that women in general are so flawed, emotionally out of control and uneducated, that they would let the entire world go to chaos, simply because there would be no men around.

Y The last man is a 2021 fall release on FX which is based on a graphic novel by the same name.

The graphic novel’s authors are Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra.

Like anyone in the US who saw the trailers and never read the graphic novels, I got excited to see how well done, in 2021, a show that attacked the subject of a world run by women would be.

I was in for a very rude awakening.

The show, like it’s graphic novel ancestor, is a giant misogynistic and poorly researched rag of literary and screen failure unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The main premise of the story is that on one day, within just a few minutes, every male with a Y Chromosome, including animals, on the face of the earth dies.

The only remaining males left alive after the event are the main character Yorick and his pet capuchin, Ampersand (amp).

So 50.42% of the world’s population is now dead.

Which means logistically:

-The average sized grocery store will now be able to maintain the entire population of it’s maximum consumer region, in it’s home city for up to THREE MONTHS. In the case of big box suppliers like Wal-mart, nearly TWO YEARS. Accounting for items with long shelf life and non-perishables.

-Fresh water sources would be vast and available not just among the surplus from standard lines on the grid but every unflushed toilet tank would have MILLIONS of gallons available in every major city.

-Power grids would be one of the more simple issues to tackle since hardly 20% of the power grid runs on dynamic sources like nuclear. The average coal fire and hydro electric plants all have emergency operating manuals available that are written so as the average high school drop out can understand them.

We would simply shut down nuclear plants as they all have easy to read emergency shut down procedures that most of their janitors are schooled in. Emergency manuals are also available to any random person who might be interested in shutting down the local nuclear power plant if there may be a danger of it running to long without anyone operating it. THEN of course you have the fact that all nuclear power plants have emergency shut off systems that automatically activate if essential staff are absent from the controls for to long.

Basic power generation sources like gas, coal and hydroelectric would provide more than enough power with half of them in operation for YEARS to come on just the current surplus of fuel left by half the population being dead.

Considering that most of our power generation sources are currently run by people who barely made it out of a few years in technical schools, the job of keeping power on line is not going to be an issue for the remaining 50% of the population.

-Military and police infrastructures would suffer staff losses but these are not jobs that are hard to fill. Nor would they be important enough in a world where the available resources just shot up by 100% for everyone living and there are no more male dominated conflicts to be involved in.

The middle east would become an overnight utopia of relaxed women enjoying more than just a few moments of their daily lives without yelling, rape, beatings or having to walk behind a man wearing a full body cover. THEN the women living there would also realize that they control the world’s largest fuel economy.

Did Y the last man consider any of these facts or include them in the story telling?


Y the last man, takes everything in an entirely misogynistic, assumptive and baseless journey through dramatized narratives about female emotional frailty and basic educational inabilities.

Within the first week without men New York is unable to maintain power and the city is literally sinking because power can not be fed to pumps that keep the subways and sewers free from flooding.

NO ONE is removing dead bodies because women are apparently incapable of organizing trucks and labor to move them despite an unlimited resource of gas and unused vehicles. So blood borne disease is becoming a common public health concern.

In episode 3, the president spends seven minutes pleading with the only female nuclear engineer they can find (who they wouldn’t even need in reality) because the FEMALE NUCLEAR ENGINEER is to emotionally frail to be torn away from grieving for her dead husband and sons, to consider the lives of millions of people who could die if she does not act.

THIS, ABOVE ALL other scenes in the show thus far, was the most unforgivable.

Women are just NOT that frail and the entire scene is a huge crushing blow to feminism.

A nuclear engineer has a heavily involved job. To maintain a nuclear power system and develop them to be safer and more efficient. It takes a PHD, and over a decade of study, training and experience in committing to a job that requires instant available knowledge and the fortitude to make decisions that can instantly affect millions in any crisis or emergency. In the real world both Male and female nuclear engineers make very rugged and emotionally taxing choices in their work as common place. But again, the post apocalyptic world would not actually need them if the only issue was that 50% of the population was no longer alive.

New York state alone has over 300 power sub stations and primary generators on it’s power grid.

Only Three of them are nuclear, 15% of them are very basic unused hydro electric sub stations which can be turned on and used in case of any fuel shortages, about 2% are wind and solar and the rest are carbon spewing plants that burn fuel oil, natural gas, methane, coal, wood and even trash.

If every nuclear plant on the New York grid were shut off, half the carbon heavy generators were shut off and half of the unused hydro electric stations turned on. With 50% of the population gone, New York would still have a surplus of power from existing renewable power and fuel storage on hand at unused stations to feed not just itself but surrounding states for nearly a decade.

Also in episode 3, the female super agent ordered by the president to protect her son (yes, her son is Yorick) kills two women soldiers because they are getting to emotional and conspiracy theory ridden about the only male alive being the president’s son, forgetting ALL of their training, UCMJ and pledge of service, simply because they are women.

JUST for one second imagine ANY of these situations happening in the same way if the show was entirely sexually reversed. Or if such a show would even be interesting enough for any television or streaming provider to air.

Y the last man doesn’t just just profile all women as inherently incapable of self reliance but it stacks the logistical deck against them. So even if the women in the show had the kind of will, capability or intellect of the average human being, it is meaningless because the world is ending for reasons that are poorly contrived and leave them without any capabilities if they did have them.

OH WAIT, I nearly forgot that there WAS a segment made for the ‘Masters of Horror” series called ‘The Screwfly Solution” wherein all the human men of earth are infected with an alien virus that drives them mad and causes them to murder all of the women. Pretty much what you would expect out of a reversal of sexes in this type of story telling. Cheap and full of sexist gimmicks It wasn’t very popular or well received.

A world run by men would more likely fall into the stone age in under a month.

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